Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today I want to talk a little about something I never get to do. I get to do a lot of things, but it is rare indeed that I get to play board games. When I do play board games, it's always Monopoly or Life. And those are fun! But some days I just want something different. Enter Zerpang!

Image via Whirling Derby.

Zerpang! is a battle royale of craziness, with zombies, elves, robots, pirates, aliens, ninjas, and gunslingers all battling for domination! Hint: the title comes from the first letter of each of those. Anyway, each group has its own win conditions, and it all sounds very exciting. Apparently, if you take too long, the elves win just by outliving everyone else. That doesn't sound so exciting, but I don't know what you expect from elves.  Keep the fun alive yourself.

A friend of mine and her husband are the folks behind Whirling Derby Games, and they have several others available, too. I just really like the title and having the option of playing as pirates! Yarr. It also has received good reviews, and has been so well-received, apparently, that it's actually in its deluxe edition. Sweet deal!

Buy through The Game Crafter for $44.99.  Then invite me over so I can play too.


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