Friday, July 29, 2011

Red-dy for Fall

Although it's still wickedly hot here in North Carolina, I've been looking forward to fall, mostly for the fashion possibilities it presents. Leather jackets, bits of fur here and there, or a combination thereof, such as this Forzieri piece with a detachable fur collar:

I die for great red leather jackets, and this one definitely qualifies. So straightforward, yet so stylish! Of course, it would be more suited to Northern climes, but a girl can dream, right?

Image via Forzieri.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going Gaga

I may not exactly be up on all of the beauty options out there, but I do know that good cosmetics can be an important accessory in a girl's life. And for my money, lip gloss is one of the easiest ways to change up your look. Combine lip gloss with Lady Gaga and I'm automatically hooked:

This neutral shade is great for girls who love to rock a bold eye and need to balance out their look. But the real appeal, for me, is that this is a collaboration between M.A.C. and Lady Gaga for M.A.C.'s Viva Glam lipstick and gloss line, which supports AIDS research by donating all of the proceeds from sales of the shades. What could be better than a philanthropic lip gloss?

Buy through M.A.C. for $14.50.

Image via M.A.C.


Monday, July 25, 2011

People We Covet: Jayne Cobb

I love almost everyone from Firefly. But if I had to pick just one, I would use completely arbitrary guidelines to eliminate most of the crew of Serenity and come out with Mr. Jayne Cobb himself.

Wash would also be acceptable, but Cate has already claimed him.

Jayne, the Hero of Canton. What is there to say about him? He always says what he thinks. Much of the time he doesn't think something appropriate, but one has to admire his ability to say what everyone is thinking sometimes.

He also impresses the audience with his fighting, his weapons, and his bartering skills.

It is my very favorite gun. . . . I call it Vera.

It should be noted that Jayne has a theme song. Do you know who does not have a theme song? Most people in the world. Jayne is Robin Hood in some parts of the galaxy, people. They write ballads about him.

He has a loving family, too, which I think any person would be happy to have. His mother knits. If we go only on those two facts, Jayne's family is identical to mine.


Now, do you see what I'm saying?


Images via Firefly Wiki.

Friday, July 22, 2011

North by Northwest

Have you ever been on your way to a wedding and been completely lost?

I have.

Just this year, in fact. I was on my way to the wedding of my friend Jessie to my acquaintance Josh. To make a long and very boring story short, I missed the actual wedding and only just made it in time for the reception.

If only I had been a man! I would have worn a shirt with French cuffs and these fine cuff links:

That's right. Compasses.

Now, really, they wouldn't have helped. I can usually judge which direction I am going in by the position of the sun, and what I really needed was just a smidge more accurate signage. But these cuff links are still pretty cool, right? And sometimes the sun taunts you, or it's overcast, or it's night time (and overcast).

I don't know much about cuff links, really, but I do know that I like putting useful things on other things. So I am all for these. You never know when you'll come away from that fancy black-tie event wandering through the woods with only a pocket square to help you.

Image via QA Create.

Happy trails!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spiked Punch

I don't know about you, but I enjoy the occasional item that appears simple upon first glance but turns out to be much more intricate when you examine it closely. For example, there's this fabulous cuff bracelet from LUV AJ:

The bracelet appears simply spiky at first, until you realize that it's delicately, intricately carved on the spikes and partway around the band. So the true impact sneaks up on you, and--if you're anything like me--brings a smile to your face. I'd pair it with a little black dress on a night out at the club. How would you use this piece?

Image via Revolve Clothing.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Carried Away

I spend so much time thinking about the way my handbags look on the outside that I often forget how they appear on the inside. But fear not! For those of you who, like me, prefer large bags but don't want things getting lost in the bottom of them, I've located a super-cute organizational piece:

It's like a wristlet but better for tossing into your bag whenever you need to separate your cosmetics, keys, or credit cards from the fray. But the coolest part about this is that if you buy this piece (called the Tough Love Travel Pouch), you support a budding designer--Sarah Lewis--who is a student of the Savannah College of Art and Design. And there's nothing greater than encouraging young artists!

Image via shopSCAD.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Last Dance with Mary Jane

Although I'm not thrilled that it's already time to discuss fall fashion, there is one good thing that comes of it: new shoes! And in the spirit of affordability--but only because I'm in between paychecks--I've located a spectacular pair of Mary Janes for under $50.00:

Generally, I am not a fan of the Mary Jane style. What makes the difference in this case is the location of the strap: at the top of the shoe, giving it a sexy, sleek vibe instead of a little girl feeling. How cute would these be paired with a pencil skirt at the office or a party dress for a night out on the town?

Image via Piperlime.


PS We've added a new feature here at What We Covet. Check it out under the "The Book List" tab at the top!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Flowering Table

Because it's summertime, I'm craving fresh touches, bright spots, and a way to escape the heat here in North Carolina. I should really host a dinner party or something, a small affair replete with watermelon and mint juleps. Although the chances of this actually happening are pretty slim, in the event that I DO manage it, I will definitely pick up these napkin rings from Pier 1 for a little bit of inspiration:

They're so very Southern, and a little retro, what with the enamel look. Talk about setting the stage for a great night! What kind of dinner party would you host?

Check them out at Pier 1.

Image via Pier 1.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Follow Your Instincts

A few months ago, I dyed my hair from dark brown to blonde. The thing is, I was blonde when I was a kid, and I've always thought of myself as blonde, so waking up every morning and looking at a brunette in the mirror was a very strange thing (even though I had brunette hair for a couple of years straight). In fact, the other day, when my hair came up in conversation with a guy I know, I expressed my reservations, and he asked if "blondes don't have more fun?" My response? "I had more fun when I had black hair."

It was only a knee-jerk response, but maybe there was something to it. And so today, I thought I'd share with you the product that made my brunette days possible: Natural Instincts haircolor.

I originally chose Natural Instincts (about ten years ago) because one of the restrictions my mother placed on my hair experiments, along with a ban on unnatural hair colors such as pink or blue, was that I use only non-permanent dye, and this product fit the bill. As a result of its non-permanent nature, it's a gentler variety of hair color, meaning that the scalp action is less cringe-worthy and the fumes don't make me want to die. And although there has been some user error along the way (missed spots, bad decisions), I still swear by Natural Instincts.

So if you're considering a new shade, check out the colors that Natural Instincts has to offer. It's an easy-to-use product, and the conditioner that comes in the box smells awesome. Trust me; I've been doing this for a decade!

Buy through the Procter and Gamble eStore for $7.99.

Image via Procter and Gamble.


PS Check this out: I was the featured writer at Where Writers Write yesterday. It's a Tumblr devoted to the study of writers in their natural habitats. It's a great project, so please show the site some love!

Friday, July 8, 2011

What's Your Sign?

Although astrology isn't necessarily an everyday topic anymore, many people still consider astrological categories to be pertinent and useful. Although I'm not entirely sure how much I believe in the complexities of the system, I do believe that astrological symbols make for great jewelry. For example, there's this cameo necklace from Tashi:

In spite of the fact that I have a (mostly) modern and contemporary aesthetic, I do love a good cameo, and this, I think, is particularly cool, because it's more personal than many cameos. (If you're not a fan of the frills inherent to cameo work and are looking for something more streamlined, check out these Gorjana pieces.) 

And to answer the question above, my sign is Gemini. What's yours?

Image via Mint Julep.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Leather from Across the Pond

While I realize that the royal wedding came and went a couple of months ago, I also know that it is still having an impact, at least in my neck of the woods. And one of the awesome, unintentional side effects of the event is that many Americans are learning about some great British labels, including purveyors of fabulous handbags, such as Osprey.

Osprey is like the British bastard grandchild of Furla, Dooney and Bourke, Brahmin, and Ralph Lauren. Their aesthetic is straightforward and classic, calling to mind fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. Plus, bonus? Many of their bags are chic AND useful. I particularly like the Correspondent Bag:

I can totally see myself--or any office-dwelling fashionista--toting this around town. It's big enough to hold all of your essentials, from files to cosmetics and a bottle of water. Plus, the polished look and vibrant color will add a great dimension to your work outfits.

I think it might be love. Do you agree?

Buy through Osprey for £395.00.

Image via Osprey.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

For the United States, anyway. Other countries' matter, but this is the only one that gets us a day off.

Rather than covet too much today, I'm going to sit in my corner and grumble about symbols and nonsense, but I will also leave you a link to a reading of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson himself! Or Bill Barker, as the case may be.

Now, all you folks in North Carolina, please be careful when you go down to South of the Border to get fireworks. You really should have taken care of this already.

Hot dogs and funnel cake,



Friday, July 1, 2011

What I Will Be When I Grow Up

This is going to be a very important part of my adulthood training.

Not pictured: Cate and Maureen

Fine retailer Archie McPhee has available for you all the Crazy Cat Lady Board Game. The object, it seems, is to get more cats than your competitors. This has pretty much been my goal my entire life.

The game is for up to four people, but you might find it difficult to find other spinsters who want to pull themselves away from their knitting and frowning. Try not to let this fun board game activity get too fun, or you may find yourself going out, meeting people, and ending up in the arms of a rogue.

Image via Archie McPhee

Get off my lawn!