Friday, September 28, 2012

Disco Kicks

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again: I am lusting after booties. Don't be dirty--I mean the shoe kind. This fall, of course I'm gravitating toward the most outrageous option, at least visually:

Times have changed. It used to be that I would never consider a pair of glitter shoes, let alone glitter booties. Nowadays, if I'm not considering spangled kicks on at least a weekly basis, something is wrong. The problem is, I could never wear them to the office, because I have a, you know, real job? Yet I would be so tempted to add them to every outfit. Hence the reason I need to distance myself. Will someone please (pretty please) buy these and wear them on my behalf?

Image via Charlotte Russe.


PS Starting next week, we'll have a new blogger on staff! Her name is Bonnie, and she is sure to brighten your day with her covetousness. Make sure you check out her posts!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guess what I got!

A while ago, I entered a giveaway on Goodreads for an advance copy of a new book: The Hiding Place by David Bell. (Cate and I know this dude, by the way, which is why I entered the giveaway.) I promptly forgot about it, as I forget about many things, until my mother informed me that I had a package from Penguin.

I actually won something! It was pretty exciting.

I'm also excited to read it. I can't right now, but I totally will when I get a chance. You can read it first and tell me what you think.

Buy through Barnes & Noble for $10.98.

Image via the same.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Snapping Away

My BFF Maria is always snapping pictures, and she introduced me to the camera supply store Photojojo. If you've never visited the site, you should swing by, because they have some neat stuff, including this cute cookie cutter set:

I love the idea of making camera cookies for a gallery show, or even just a photographer's birthday. Imagine the possibilities: life-like versions, or technicolor ones, depending on the tastes of the artist!

Buy through Photojojo for $18.00.

Image via Photojojo.


Friday, September 21, 2012

"I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your Kiss"

Some of you may have noticed a few months back when Target launched its special section, The Shops at Target. Like their previous designer collaborations, these are limited-edition capsule collections, but instead of working with a single entity, they are pairing with specialty retailers, as well. For fall, one of their partnerships is with Kirna Zabete, and I think our gentle readers will appreciate this cute scarf from that line:

Pink and black stripes hide a wonderful surprise: when you look closely, you'll find that some of the pink stripes are actually hot-pink lip prints. If you're looking to jazz up a black blazer or sweater as the weather turns cooler, consider adding this scarf to your fashion lineup; it just might bring some much-needed color to a dreary autumn night!

Buy through Target for $22.99.

Image via Target.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I need an umbrella.

You see, at my shiny new school, it rains all the time.  And I don't have an umbrella.  But I need one.

The first step in my quest was to go to the Target web site.  The pictures didn't load.  I can't window shop if I can't see pictures!

So I did a little more hunting.  And I found a contender.

The only thing is, it's a child-sized umbrella.  I'd really like to keep both my Norton Anthologies and myself dry.  But then, I'm not made of paper; I'll live.

Buy through Zappos for $16.95.

Image via the same.


PS--I'm doing Wednesdays now.  Probably.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sail Away

I have been in the mother of all funks lately (which, thankfully has nothing to do with my mother), due largely to some unfortunate fatigue issues. While I've been able to do some general things, such as laundry, blogging, and re-watching Alias start to finish--I regret nothing--few things have been able to make me smile, because it takes so much effort to move those muscles. But! This one awesome event did take place, which I mentioned briefly about a week and a half ago: Lisa, a super-awesome friend of What We Covet, had a showing of her work during a RAW event, and I was lucky enough to attend! Of course, we're very glad she got some exposure there, but we wanted to up the ante a little bit by sharing one of her pieces, because both Maureen and I covet her work to a borderline-unacceptable degree.

Having said that, get a load of this:

The shell on this necklace came from Okinawa in Lisa's home country of Japan, so not only is she sharing her artistry, but also a piece of her own history. I'm drawn to the necklace as a whole because it's such a reflection of the ocean: from the beads reminiscent of sea glass to the tiny, delicate seahorse, to the draping of the chains which so evokes the ropes and nets on ships, everything gently calls out, summertime. As autumn approaches each year, I try to hold onto the warmth in the air as long as possible, and this necklace makes me think it might be possible to do so a bit longer.

Moreover, one of the benefits of wearing Lisa's pieces--other than looking awesome, obvs--is that she uses ethically-sourced materials, including recycled metals and fair-trade origami papers. Bonus: all of her work is reasonably priced, so you won't break the bank when buying from her, and you also get to support someone who makes unique, lovely things!

Image via Senba Designs at Etsy.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Snaking Through Fashion

Apparently I'm on a purple kick this week, because when I saw this clutch, I had to blog about it, even after Monday's purple smoking shoes:

This is classic yet forward-thinking, with its jewel tone and snake print, plus the little touch of Lucite on the bar. It's almost a chameleon bag, able to coordinate with many colors and styles--giving a hard edge of contrast to a flowing butter skirt, or adding a chic touch to a little black dress. If you're in the market for a clutch right now, check this one out before it slithers away.

Image via White House Black Market.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Housewares

Hey, remember that time Maureen was a part of this blog? She's still around. She's just in graduate school, and she doesn't like using her computer because then people will think she should have checked her e-mail already.

Anyway, let's talk about these salad servers:

Cate suggested that these, with their non-functional fletching, would obviously be the salad servers that Katniss Everdeen would use while serving salad. A salad of including a sagittaria plant, I reckon.

I can only assume that she'd be having Legolas, Princess Merida, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Susan Pevensie over for dinner too.

Peeta can make the croutons.

Buy through Target for $15.00.

Image via the same.

By the hammer of Thor!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Stepping Into Autumn

Smoking flats are huge right now, with everyone from Rampage and Dollhouse to Giuseppi zanotti contributing a design for fall. I'm a big fan of this pair from DV by Dolce Vita:

Not only are they affordable, but the pop of royal violet on your feet will help you stand out from the crowd when everyone has turned to the standard darker autumn colors. Plus the tassels add a sassy, preppy edge to the design and help you accessorize your toes the way you might wear earrings to enhance your ears. I can think of at least three ladies in my life (my aunt, my friend Lisa, and my BFF Maria) who would love these. How do you feel about them?

Buy through Endless for $79.00.

Image via Endless.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Snow Falling on Jewels

I've been looking for a new jewelry box for some time, and while I've had no success for myself, I wanted to share this lovely item with you:

It's like something out of the snowflake scene in The Nutcracker. Since it's still hot where I live, the idea of snow appeals greatly to me right now. Too bad this bit of winter can't help me with my earrings and necklaces!

Image via Anthropologie.


PS Speaking of jewelry, our friend Lisa of Senba Designs had a showcase on Wednesday, and we're so happy for her! If you've never seen her jewelry, go to her Etsy page right now and take a look; it's all lovely and eco-friendly!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Flash Some Lash

I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to my eyelashes. I can neither curl them nor enhance them with falsies. But if I had any amount of coordination at all, I'd give these babies a try:

Look at how much fun they are! The crisscross effect is so excessively glamorous that it makes me want to go to a Hollywood premiere, or at least dress up like a starlet for Halloween. Maybe we can make this happen?

Buy through M.A.C. for $16.00.

Image via M.A.C.