Friday, April 29, 2011

A Closer Look

I'm not a girl with much use for magnifying glasses. Having said that, I bring you the Intrecciato Antique Silver Magnifying Glass from Bottega Veneta:

Because, truthfully, who wouldn't love to have such a splendid object on his or her desk? Unfortunately, like so many other things Bottega, this is an outrageously expensive item. Still, there's something about it that grabs my imagination and makes me wish I had the funds--and the need--for it. What do you think?

Buy through Bottega Veneta for $850.00.

Image via Bottega Veneta.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crockin' Up

Although I'm of the opinion that crocodiles are not particularly fantastic animals (fantastically dangerous, maybe), I do appreciate a good croc accessory from time to time. Like this triangular case from Botkier:

Other than the obvious trouble with the case--the fact that it appears to have one too many zippers--I really enjoy the simple, straightforward design and the way that it is only enhanced by the croc styling. And although there are no dimensions given for it on the Botkier website, I get the impression that one could easily slip it into a handbag and use it as a receptacle for your spare change, your cosmetics, or any other necessities. Plus, since the color is neutral, it will complement a range of other items, from a black hobo to a brown tote to a bright pink satchel.

How would you use this?

Buy through Botkier for $125.00.

Image via Botkier.


Monday, April 25, 2011

People We Covet: J.K. Rowling

By this point in time, I'm sure that there has been at least one word written about J.K. Rowling for every dollar she's earned--over a billion. But I'd like to add my little bit to the conversation.

Rowling is my favorite kind of author: the kind who makes people want to read. In this age of instantaneous news, when it's way too easy to plug yourself in, it is nice to know that there is an author out there who can not only entertain adults but also help encourage a child's passion for reading--even if that child is not particularly fond of the written word.

Her genius really lies in the fact that the books in her Harry Potter series not only build on each other but change with the age of the main characters: when they are thirteen, they face thirteen-year-old problems, and so on. As a result, the adolescent reader can choose to absorb one book per year and grow with the characters. What this means, ultimately, is that the books will have a greater impact than your run-of-the-mill series (for example, the Sweet Valley High books, which you may remember fondly in later years but which cannot hold your imagination when you try to reread them).

Being a huge fan of popular culture, I feel particularly lucky to have lived through the Rowling era, because it allowed me to watch pop culture in the making. Her reach extends to online media (there are a spate of fan sites out there) and film--unless you are somehow morally opposed to whimsical, well-made movies, surely you've seen at least a few of them--and even them park life. But what strikes me the most is how deeply we, as readers, absorbed Harry's story: rejoicing when he saw his parents in the Mirror of Erised; gasping when Gilderoy Lockhart tried to take credit for Harry, Ron, and Hermione's work;  getting worked up over Peter Pettigrew's betrayal; cheering when Harry survived some of the more brutal Triwizard trials; enjoying Harry s connection with his godfather, Sirius black; crying when Dumbledore died; and literally walking away from the book for a hot minute when Dobby was killed because it was just too much to handle. What other work of fiction has inspired such strong feelings in readers--or reached such a wide audience--recently?

On a side note, Rowling wrote a lovely little piece protesting fat shaming and the glorification of stick-thin models on her website that really made me admire her even more, which I didn't realize was possible. I hope that you will all take some time to explore her work, if you haven't done so already; I promise that it will be time well spent.

Visit Rowling's official website here.

Image via the Internet Movie Database.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Stick a Pin in It

Marc by Marc Jacobs has produced some awfully cute jewelry of late, and one of my favorite pieces so far is this apple stick-pin:

The best thing about it is that it's totally affordable, at just $32.00. What a great way to add a tiny and ladylike--yet very fun--accent to your outfit!

Buy through Marc by Marc Jacobs for $32.00.

Image via Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flamingo Pink

Y'all are probably really sick of listening to me talk about kate spade bags, but you'll have to bear with me at least one more time, because look at this:


I love it. It's kitschy, but that's exactly the point: this is the perfect bag for a cheesy luau party or a day hanging out in touristy shops in Florida. Am I right?

Buy through kate spade for $275.00.

Image via kate spade.


Monday, April 18, 2011

A Leg Up

I love shoe days at What We Covet. They allow me to share unusual, beautiful, and interesting footwear with you. Today, I want you to see the Christian Louboutin Bibi platform pumps, because they are the most intriguing shoes I've seen in quite some time:

At first glance, I thought the material was snake, but I quickly realized that that wasn't quite right somehow. So I looked again, and the only thing I could imagine it might be was dinosaur hide, which clearly isn't an option. (Although given that it's Louboutin we're talking about, anything might be possible.) Rather, these shoes are made of ostrich. Ostrich legs, to be precise. 

Now, I can't really say that I'm in love with ostrich legs as a material. But I do appreciate the imagination and craftsmanship required to create such a look. What do you think?

Image via Christian Louboutin.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Under the Lake

There's an artist from Wisconsin by the name of Rodd C. Umlauf. Mostly he paints natural scenes--moose, fish, and so on, the kind of things associated with the Great Lakes region. He also paints whimsical images of mermaids, something not typically associated with the Lakes. Yet they seem so natural. He's produced several of these paintings over the years, and one of my favorites is this, called Mermaid Rock:

I love the way Umlauf has captured the light on the water as well as the quiet moment shared between two mer-friends. It may not be everyone's style, but I for one really appreciate the imagination that went into the work.

Image via Rodd C. Umlauf.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White On

I'm not in the market for a wedding dress right now, but every once in awhile, I swing by the David's Bridal website, because, as the author of a shopping blog, I feel it's my duty to get an idea of all the things available out there. It's kind of a service to my readers, I suppose, or maybe I just have an insatiable need to window shop online. (Seriously, you wouldn't believe the number of websites I have bookmarked to just that end.) At any rate, it occasionally pays off, such as today, because I have this lovely frock to share with you:

You may not be able to tell from this tiny picture, but the dress is comprised of shantung (one of my favorites) and artfully folded in an asymmetrical fan pattern. There's something about it that just screams glamor to me, and although it may not be a traditional wedding dress, I certainly feel that it would be a wise choice for the modern bride, or at least the fashion-forward one. If only it came in a different color, I would snag it for myself to use as a cocktail dress!

Image via David's Bridal.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Blooming Roses

If you've never been to Cambridge (Massachusetts), I suggest taking the time to check it out someday. It's a lovely town, full of interesting people and places. Harvard Square, in particular, is chock full of great shops, from national chains (Aldo, the Body Shop) to great regional retailers (including Ward Maps, who I've mentioned before). An especially wonderful store is Mint Julep, which sells fascinating dresses and intriguing accessories, including these gems:

They're retro-cool, and absolutely perfect for springtime. Plus, they're versatile--a colorful punch to cheer up your workday suits, a cute accent for your picnic romper, and a ladylike touch for your church outfit. They're available in an array of other colors, also, so you can pick up a pair for every day of the week or maybe a matching pair for your best friend!

Image via Mint Julep.


Friday, April 8, 2011


Although my handbag pick for today may seem a little on the dowdy side, I think it's perfectly ladylike and the best way to add some neutral flair to a colorful spring wardrobe:

It's the Lauren Merkin Juliette Chevron Satchel, which is big on space, with plenty of pockets to store all of your necessities. Check it out today!

Image via Neiman Marcus.


PS I have three updates!

1) Not quite a year ago, I wrote about Maya Brenner's state jewelry. And my mother bought one for me for Christmas! Unfortunately, it was on back order, so I only recently received it, but I've worn it several times already, and I love it!

2) On New Year's Day, I wrote about some of the things I wanted for myself in the year ahead. I'm happy to report that, although it isn't the one pictured, I DID snag myself a sequined tank top, purchased from Ann Taylor.

3) I still love Mick Foley. (For a previous instance of me loving him, see here, about 3/4 of the way down.)

As always, I will make updates like these whenever possible!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy One-Year Anniversary!

Twelve months ago today, I started blogging, and I'm happy to say that I've had fun doing this so far. Once again, I'm here to share a more-or-less comprehensive list of the websites that have been very informative and useful when writing posts. This builds on the list I posted at the six-month mark, which means that I'm only including here sites that were not referenced then. Only my posts are covered; Maureen may or may not provide her own list. I hope that you'll take the time to visit at least a few of these vendors, news outlets, charities, and assorted others!

Alexander Wang
Alexis Bittar
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Amos, Tori
Barker, Clive
Beats By Dr. Dre
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Bennett, Cherie
Betty Crocker
Black Ink
Blue Nile
B. Makowsky
Brightman, Sarah
Burton, Tim
Calvin Klein
Christian Louboutin
Claddagh Store
Coldwater Creek
Colin Stuart (via Victoria's Secret)
Costume Kingdom
Crow, Sheryl
Chris Crutcher
Daily Show
David Yurman
Dawn Treader Book Shop
Design Toscano
Diane von Furstenburg
Dooney and Bourke
Elizabeth and James
Elson, Karen
Emma Gardner
Foley, Mick
Fred Flare
Girl Props
Halston Heritage (via Net-a-Porter)
Heifer International
Henri Bendel
Henry, Nancy
History Channel
Hot Topic
Human Rights Campaign
I Don't Care for Your Fairy Tale
Inge Christopher
It Gets Better Project
Izzard, Eddie
JC Penney
Juicy Couture
Keweenaw Gem and Gift
Kid Rock
Kitson LA
Kristin Brooks Hope Center
Lauren Ralph Lauren (via Ralph Lauren)
Layla Grace
Lekker Home
Lichtenstein, Roy
Liz Claiborne (via JC Penney)
Lord and Taylor
Marc Jacobs
Martha Stewart
Middler, Bette
Moon Pie Press
Museum Company Store
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
Outnet, The
Petunia Pickle Bottom
Pier One
Ports 1961
Proenza Schouler
Pyramid Collection, The
Reed Krakoff
Reubens, Paul
Revolve Clothing
St. John
Sam Edelman
Sondra Roberts
Stephen Dweck
Style Unlimited
Swift, Taylor
Tabitha Simmons
Trevor Project, The
UGG Australia
Unica Home
Vera Bradley
Vera Wang
Victoria's Secret
Ward Maps
Webber, Andrew Lloyd
Weiland, Scott
White, Jack (via The White Stripes)
Z Gallerie

Thanks also to my readers who have stuck with me this long. I appreciate your support!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Get Reddy

As far as materials go, I'm not particularly fond of patent leather. On a few occasions, however, it hits just the right note, such as when used for this lovely pump from KORS Michael Kors:

In my opinion, these are the perfect day-to-night shoes, great for a day in the office and a night out with the girls. Just pair them with a pencil skirt and a crisp button-down shirt and you're in business!

Image via Net-a-Porter.


Friday, April 1, 2011

No Bones About It

At my place, the side tables are low, square, and black, and that's the way I like 'em. But if I ever decided to switch it up a little, I might be tempted to pick up a pair of these beauties from west elm:

The pale tiles remind me of great stone buildings that have faded with time, and the crossing legs provide a nice contrast without being too heavy. I can see these by a pool on a nice terrace in California or in an ultra-mod apartment in New York City, or perhaps even in my humble abode right here in North Carolina. Where would you put these?

Image via west elm.