Monday, January 31, 2011

When Winter Blues Become a Good Thing

Last year, I was on a huge tote bag kick. This year, I'm apparently a big fan of clutches, because I keep coming across tiny bags I love. Today, it's the Titanic Blue Weaved Clutch from Ruche:

The deep blue is perfect for winter and will help you transition into spring, as well. Whether you're just running to the grocery store or going out for a night with the girls, this clutch is a great choice!

Buy through Ruche for $34.99.

Image via Ruche.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Party Time Footwear

Sometimes we need sensible shoes, maybe because our feet are tired and need a break, or perhaps because our work calls for it. But there are other times when we need something fun. Something like this:

Everything about this is just a little over-the-top, from the gold platform to the clear ombre heel. Yet it all works together perfectly. There's even a chance that you could take this from day to night, if you work in an environment that's conducive to a little fashion experimentation. Just don't be surprised if they make you want to dance!

Buy through Asos for $112.06.

Image via Asos.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Cut Above

Lord and Taylor has a new Home section on their website, largely loaded with Lauren Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein Home products. My favorite is definitely the Calvin Klein Random Cut Vase, seen here:

The picture may be small, but the impact is huge. This vase belongs in any well-appointed living room, perhaps as a centerpiece on a low black coffee table. Where would you put it?

Image via Lord and Taylor.


Friday, January 28, 2011

The Warmth

Juicy Couture continues to amaze me. 

Every time I've written them off, I find something awesome among their many wares. For example, there is this wonderful faux-shearling denim jacket:

When I was in high school, a good friend of mine had a very similar jacket, except hers was lined in faux fox fur. I loved that jacket and always wanted to find one for myself. Alas, these many years have not produced one, though I continue to look intermittently. The good news is that this is a reasonable substitute; the bad news is that I don't have the money to spend on it, though I wish I did so I could rock this baby all over town.

Since I'm apparently a little late to this shearling party, many sizes are already sold out, but you may be lucky enough to find yours!

Image via Net-a-Porter.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knot Only

For me, there are few things more lovely than the trinity knot, a simple design that, nowadays, is more or less a Christian symbol but is also known as an Irish symbol, appearing in Irish jewelry as well as the Book of Kells and other artwork. (Some rock and roll fans may recall the shape for different reasons.) So here we have a gloriously simple sterling silver trinity knot necklace:

Whether you're Irish or not, religious or not, the trinity knot can still mean something. Just think of it as the three sides of a triangle, in which you are represented by one point, your family by another, and your friends by the third, and you will be able to appreciate it as a symbol and as a piece of art.

Buy through the Claddagh Store for $39.95.

Image via Claddagh Store.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kangaroos Don't Have Pouches like This

Okay, so, the thing is, everyone in the whole wide world is in love with the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. And I do mean everyone. Even if you've never seen it, trust me--you'll fall in love, too, because this particular handbag has magical powers or something crazy like that. 

Me, I don't love it. 

"Blasphemy!" you might shout. 

On the contrary, it is not. Because I DO love the PS1 Pouchette, and very much so. Witness the beauty:

The thing is, I'm not usually a fan of exotics, but somehow, the PS1 is the perfect piece in python: large swaths of skin, allowed to show off their natural beauty without too much interference. It's just genius. 

Ultimately, I prefer the yellow leather version, which is so sunshiny I can hardly believe my eyes, but I want it. Desperately.

(Also, on a side note, I still have a soft spot for Proenza Schouler's collection for Target; at one point, I owned two pieces from it, and kind of regret giving them away.)

Buy the yellow leather PS1 Pouchette (not pictured) through Barney's New York for $895.00.

Buy the python PS1 Pouchette (pictured) through Net-a-Porter for $1735.00.

Image via Net-a-Porter.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

People We Covet: Eddie Izzard

You know, it's been awhile since I did a proper People We Covet post, and I have to say that, at first, I was stumped. I'd already mentioned Lady Gaga, of course, and Walt Whitman, and my beloved Stone Temple Pilots. Now, in keeping with the subversive underdog standard I've set, I'd like to tell you a little secret to kick of this month's People We Covet: I have an enormous crush on Eddie Izzard.

You may recognize him as he looks above from his film work, both in the United States and England. Doesn't he look just so dignified and serious? LOVE IT. However, if you've spent any time watching Comedy Central  or HBO at all, ever, you're more likely to recognize him thus:

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in love with a transvestite. And I'm okay with that. Not only could he give me some make-up tips (I'm a complete disaster with lipstick), but he's funny. As. Hell.

Theoretically, Izzard's "day job" is as a stand-up comedian (good work if you can get it, right?). He's well-known for his specials Dress to Kill, Unrepeatable, Definite Article, and others. Any time I'm really bummed out, I can pull up an Izzard sketch on Netflix or YouTube, and my day suddenly becomes much, much better. One particular favorite of mine (and, I think, a great many others) is the Death Star canteen bit:

I'm also fond of the evil giraffe:

Izzard can also turn very serious very well. For example, if you haven't seen Valkyrie yet, I highly recommend it, not only because it is an absolutely fantastic movie, but also because my beloved Mr. Izzard has a key role in it.

I'll admit it: mostly I like him for the laughs. But believe me when I say that those laughs are worth more than their escape value.

Images via here and here.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Step Into the Light

Will you please just take a moment to enjoy this view?

If these shoes don't make you want to boogie under the lights at a nightclub, I doubt anything will. I mean, come on; they have it all: a platform, a peep toe, a cute little bow, and an awesome pink color! Personally, I love them. And I want them. Now. What about you?

Buy through Endless for $99.00.

Image via Endless.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Cutting Edge

Anthropologie has done it again: taken an item I never would have thought to seek out for myself and made me want it. This time, it's a set of steak knives:

I mean, come on; who WOULDN'T enjoy having such a bright accent at the dinner table? The only problem is that my parents gave me a really nice set of knives--including both kitchen knives and steak knives--for Christmas, and I very much enjoy having said knives. So could one of my fine readers do me a huge favor and buy these so I might live vicariously through your table settings?

Image via Anthropologie.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hot for Money

Lauren Ralph Lauren is a very hit-and-miss kind of brand for me. On the one hand, they make nice dresses. On the other, they also make puffy shirts. Luckily, their accessories are usually pretty solid, including this absolutely spectacular pink wallet:

I absolutely adore a good pink accessory. And a pink wallet is a nice way to add a touch of color to your day, especially if you work a job that calls for a toned-down wardrobe or if it's a dreary January morning and you want to feel like it's summer again. 

Would you carry such a bold wallet?

Buy through eBags for $134.99.

Image via eBags.


Friday, January 21, 2011

When Dinosaurs Ruled Your Ears

Somewhere in this world, I have a Brontosaurus necklace. Actually, it's probably a Brachiosaurus, as far as that goes, but that is so not the point. Rather, we should be focusing on the fact that this is a post about dinosaur jewelry, and I think that will excite everyone. (Maureen will be especially thrilled, as she was the first to post about dinosaurs on this blog.) So, in the absence of my necklace, I bring you the Allosaurus Earrings from ModCloth:

The Allosaurus was kind of like a baby T. Rex (they were both theropods) and, if these earrings are to be believed, pretty fangy. You can use these to scare kids at Halloween or impress your more nerd-minded friends. Either way, I think they're a great addition to any jewelry wardrobe!

Buy through ModCloth for $14.99.

Image via ModCloth.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Straightforward Style

I've been craving simplicity lately. And a really good tote bag screams simplicity. Witness the Cole Haan Waverly Logan Zip Tote:

I love it. No fuss, no muss, no frills. Just a simple, everyday tote.

Image via Cole Haan.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stepping Into Spring

Even though Lola still would not approve, I am in love with a certain pair of gladiator sandals from Bottega Veneta.

Maybe it's because, having spent most of the last month surrounded by snow, I'm desperate for spring and shoes that don't entirely encase my feet. Or maybe it's because these particular gladiators are delicately beautiful and very feminine, in contrast to some of the thick-strapped designs that were so popular last year. Either way, I'd be happy to wear these around town, to the beach, or on a boat (although that may be because I have an enormous crush on Andy Samberg).


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pillows on the Wild Side

You know I love zebra-striped things, of course, such as this rug or these kate spade shoes. Today, I'm really digging the zebra pillow covers over at west elm:

Designed to cover your 20-inch pillows in Serengeti style, these covers are a quick and relatively affordable fix if you're looking to redecorate but don't want to be extreme about it. I think they'd make great neutral accents in a living room with bold blue walls or a monochromatic bedroom. Where would you use these?

Image via west elm.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Not-So-Lame Lamé

Hello, all! I'm back in action and happy to be thus. Maureen has been faithfully running the joint--and very competently, as well--and I thank her for that.

To kick off my grand return, I've chosen a delicious party dress as the focus of my covetousness:

This beauty, from Ports 1961 (one of my new favorite labels), may be made of lamé, which is so '80s it's not even funny, but the effect here is tasteful and subdued thanks to a jacquard weave, which saves the material from fashion hell, as far as I'm concerned. Plus, the shape of the dress reminds me a bit of Lady Gaga's disco ball dress, except that this is essentially the more accessible--and practical--version. 

If only I had a really good reason to spend that kind of money on a dress, I would snap this one up in a heartbeat!

Image via Nordstrom.


PS It's sale time again! This laptop case is on sale at Bloomingdale's for $54.60. Also at Bloomingdale's is this wallet, on sale for $94.50.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Both Classy and Accurate

Sometimes I wear a pocket watch. Now, I suppose what would suit a lady better is a smaller pendant watch, but I don't like to wear tons of things around my neck, and all my jeans have a watch pocket.

Yes, that's what that ridiculously small pocket on your right side is for. You're welcome.

The beauty of basic watches is that they're quiet. One can't accidentally ring. You don't forget to turn your watch off. It simply tells you the time whenever you ask. And that's all it does.

I would say that one problem with my mechanical watch is that it tends to run a little fast. However, I don't mind having extra time. I am rarely late for important things, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Still, if you desire the utmost accuracy in your timepieces, you might want to covet with me an atomic pocket watch that we don't seem to be able to buy. It receives its time through radio signal and displays it on an analogue face, with a tiny digital readout for the seconds and the date.

Gaze longingly at this no-longer-available watch over at Hammacher Schlemmer.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stealing Princesses Back from Sleeping Barrow Kings

My older brother gave me a copy of Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind for either Christmas or my birthday. I don't recall which. I do recall that he later gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, with the idea that I would buy the sequel, The Wise Man's Fear, for myself when it came out on my birthday.

Of course, Rothfuss turned into George R. R. Martin for a bit, and that didn't happen.

A side note: I am not upset with Rothfuss, and people need to get over their unhappiness with Martin. Goodness gracious.

But now the sequel is absolutely definitely for sure coming out! Soon! The adventures of Kvothe Kingkiller will continue! He hasn't stolen any princesses yet; he's in the process of telling the story. The first book was day one. Allegedly he will be done on day three, but I think Mr. Martin and Robert Jordan said something like that too.

Now, what I really covet is something Pat (as we fans call him) linked to on his blog: a site that will be selling signed first editions of The Wise Man's Fear. I desperately want one. Maybe two. I never buy hardback books; this is usually because I don't hear about them until they're in paperback. This time, an extra five dollars is tacked on. It goes to charity--Heifer International, in fact, which Pat supports and loves--so that's nothing to complain about. The shipping worries me a bit, but hey. The last hardback book I bought was a Robert Jordan that somehow stumbled into a dollar store.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Tonight I've Got a Date with My Bookshelf

I've told you a little about Nerdfighters before. Nerdfighters are cool types who work to decrease World Suck. They tend to be nerdy, and they watch the video blogs of John and Hank Green.

Sometimes, two Nerdfighters meet and become so enamored of each other that they end up in a situation known as Nerdfighterlike. Nerdfighterlike is the subject of musical Nerdfighter and YouTube video maker devilishlypure's song, "Nerdfighterlike."

Nerdfighters are not known for making things very difficult.

Now, you won't understand a lot of the song if you aren't a seasoned Nerdfighter like I am. But worry not! There is hope for you yet. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to get you up to speed.

And once you understand what's going on, perhaps you, too, can fall in Nerdfighterlike with a fellow Nerdfighter.

They tell me you can buy the song through iTunes, but watching the numerous videos on YouTube is easier. So do that.

Best wishes!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chicken Scratches

Today's post is extra late for several reasons. I won't go into them now. Cate has already forgiven me, so what you think is irrelevant. Ha! You may, however, forgive me if I make more mistakes than usual, because I can't really type comfortably with two hands at the moment.

Today I would like to covet something that I can't link for you, because I have not been able to find it.

A stack of five or ten single-subject, college-ruled, spiral-bound notebooks for under two dollars.

I used to be able to find these at Wal-Mart or Target around school supply time. They are magnificent things. Pages and pages to write on, for just a dollar!

I don't remember a brand. I just remember buying seven hundred pages at a time and filling them with notes about Victorian literature and Shakespeare's tragedies or with stories and and poetry of debatable quality.

I haven't seen these notebook stacks in a long time. If you see them, tell me, and off I will go to stock up.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everything's Better with Rogues

Cate has been trying desperately for a while now to get me to read a baby TRN. I want to read one, too, but I am returning to non-fantasy YA a little late in the game, so it's harder for me to identify.

Let me just pause right there for a second and say that Garth Nix is writing more of the Old Kingdom series, and I am so excited.

But back to baby TRNs. Cate recently informed me that Meg Cabot, author of the illustrious Princess Diaries series, which--and don't tell anyone this--I enjoy immensely, has written two baby TRNs. I fully expect to read them both, and I am especially excited about Victoria and the Rogue, because really, who isn't excited about rogues? But Nicola and the Viscount surely won't disappoint.

Now, if I buy these, I will do so from my small, locally-owned bookstore. You should do the same! Prices may vary. You can, of course, see what they're like for yourself at Meg Cabot's website.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Jedi and a Tauntaun Walk into a Cave

Have you ever wanted your very own bearskin rug, but been too nerdy and not good enough at handling a gun or skinning a bear to have one?

If so, a bearskin rug wouldn't suit you, anyway.

What you need is a Wampa-skin rug, which is what should happen when a Jedi and a Tauntaun walk into a cave, but rarely does. You could go try to find Hoth and kill one yourself, but it might just be easier to do what you did for your Tauntaun sleeping bag: go to the Internet!

Of course, Internet people didn't invent interstellar time travel just to go kill you a Wampa. No, this is a pretend Wampa. But its pretend teeth look fearsome and sharp, and it has pretend horns and pretend claws.

It also does not come with slave Leia. But with a Wampa rug on your floor and a Tauntaun sleeping bag in your tent, you should be able to get one of your own in no time.


Monday, January 10, 2011

An ANGEL visited this gray path, / And took the cube away.

You might be saying to yourself, "Why, that sounds a bit like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow." Well, it does, but today we are not discussing Longfellow. What I have quoted above is part of a pastiche of his "The Reaper and the Flowers" which could perhaps more accurately be titled, "GLaDOS and the Cube."

The Weighted Companion Cube is a unique character, as video games go. It cannot speak. It will also never threaten to stab you. It is a silent box, decorated with hearts, that is your only friend for one level of the game Portal.

At the end of the level, you must incinerate it. Or, as GLaDOS puts it, euthanize it.

I actually spent far too much time trying to figure out how not to euthanize my Companion Cube. Some people have figured out how, but I am not presently among them.

The words I quoted above were written on the wall of a small, hidden room by a previous test subject whose attachment to the Cube becomes startlingly evident with the help of Longfellow and Dickinson. This room and graffiti are also the source of the tired Internet meme "The cake is a lie." You win some, and you lose some.

At any rate, now I can have it back, with the plush version from the Valve Store! It is not as heavy as the original, and not as big, but it is cuddly and you will never, ever have to euthanize it.

Buy through Valve for $29.95.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

And don't judge a microbe by the symptoms it causes! You know why you don't like getting sick? Why you think illnesses are gross and yucky and horrible?

It's because you haven't gotten up close and personal with them to see what they are truly like. ThinkGeek returns to What We Covet, this time with a line of giant plush microbes. Adorable giant plush microbes.

I will concede that Diarrhea and Toxic Mold are a little, well, not as cute as MRSA or the White Blood Cell. E. Coli looks a little bit like the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Cthulhu. But Beer Yeast and Mange? They're just so huggable!

These blown-up and fuzzified versions of common illnesses and cells also make great gift ideas. Give Kissing Disease to your One True Love! Throw The Plague at people who get on your nerves. But if you feel the need to give someone Anthrax, do it in person.


PS: I have recently learned that the Tauntaun sleeping bag is on sale for the low, low price of $79.99! Buy, buy, buy! And with the savings, you can get an extra one for me!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tale As Old As Time

I grew up on Disney movies. I also had a few books of fairy tales at the same time, so I knew what Disney was leaving out. I managed to grow up without learning any lessons, but I also am not dead, and have not done any spinning or eaten any dastardly apples, so I think I was a success.

My favorite Disney movie, whose best-known fairy tale is one of the least terrifying (not that that makes a difference), is Beauty and the Beast. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. Gaston is one of my favorite villains. The Beast is definitely cuddly, but I'm still undecided about his transformation into an average-looking prince.

And the songs! I once received a DVD set that contained a few versions of the movie. One of my superpowers is the ability to turn into a small child at will, so yes, I watched every one of them, and my life was a musical for the next week.

What, then, am I coveting today? The Blu-Ray version. My Blu-Ray collection has already started, with a Christmas gift of a four-disc DVD/Blu-Ray Fantasia combo pack. I don't mind upgrading periodically with some movies. Some, like every animated Disney movie ever (except for most sequels).


Friday, January 7, 2011

Where Will 1.21 Jigowatts Get You?

We all know how much Cate loves time travel. And how much I love time travel.

Yes, yes, she was discussing Abraham Lincoln and nostalgia. But trust me. She loves time travel. And I was talking about chins in addition to time travel. But we both love time travel. I also like clothes. Cate likes clothes, but she prefers fashionable things. I prefer nerdy things, because when people see that I am a huge nerd, they will forgive me for having no fashion sense and not knowing the difference between some shades of blue and purple.

I can assure you, however, that the Police Box on this t-shirt is blue. And that the DeLorean that just ran into said box is gray.

I'm not good at impulse purchases; I spend too much time waffling and fretting and worrying and not knowing where my money is. I still don't own this shirt, but I might one day, thanks to Shirt.Woot's Reckoning, where the top t-shirts fight to see who can sell for the longest. The DeLorean-TARDIS collision has been on the chart for eighty-five weeks. I think I'll have a chance to buy it. And if not, maybe I can catch a ride with one of the many time travelers in my life.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Ice Cold Nuka-Cola

As you know, Bob, I am a huge nerd. I'm a book nerd like Cate, of course, but I'm also a video game nerd. And one of my favorite video games is Fallout.

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout, the most popular drink is Nuka-Cola, though I'm told something called "Sunset Sarsaparilla" is well-liked in New Vegas.

Now, whichever you drink, you can proclaim your love for possibly irradiated post-apocalyptic beverages with the help of one talented Etsy seller who has strung bottle caps--also currency, depending on the game you are playing--on cord and selling them as necklaces.

It is up to you to decide if you want to pay for something that is worth a dollar in-game, but that red Nuka-Cola cap is calling out to me.

I would post a picture, but I am using a borrowed computer, and I try not to make my adventures with other people's things too complicated. I suppose you will just have to follow my link and find yourself that much closer to buying a fictitious bottle cap necklace of your own.

Buy through Etsy for $12.00.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What the Devil?

At my house, we enjoy a good deviled egg from time to time, usually during some holiday. This Christmas, the task of making said eggs fell to me. Luckily, I had recently received the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook (15th Edition)--you know, the classic red plaid one--to guide me along, as I had no real idea of what I was doing.

The basic gist is this: cut your hard-boiled eggs in half lengthwise, scoop the yolks into a bowl, add mayonnaise and mustard to taste, plus a little vinegar, then stir it up--taking care to achieve a creamy consistency--and put the filling back into the eggs.

Mom likes hers with sweet pickle relish, so I threw some in (the brand I used was, of course, Mount Olive):

Then they had to be arranged on an egg plate. The one my father put in front of me is, apparently, quite old, but they're still widely available in different designs and shapes. I put the relish eggs in the middle and surrounded them with the regular ones, and the end result, while crowded, looked pretty okay:

Some people top their deviled eggs with paprika; we usually do that, but there was none in the house that day. (A word to the wise: make sure that you've grabbed the correct container, as opposed to some other red spice like, say, chili powder, which my brother did once.)

So next time you're looking for an easy appetizer, consider going with the deviled egg. They're simple and pleasing, and they'll probably be gone in ten minutes flat.


PS In other news, I'll be taking a short break from Food We Covet. Posts will resume on Wednesday, 19 January.

The Bluest Blue

Sometimes all the jewelry a girl really needs is a simple, elegant necklace. Or at least sometimes that's all this girl needs. Because, you see, I'm not much of a ring wearer, and I usually buy pretty cheap-o bracelets since I know how hard I am on them. But necklaces (and, in fact, earrings) really appeal to me, and I try to make good choices when it comes to them. Today, I'm coveting a particularly lovely pendant:

I love the deep blue and the simple shape. This pendant would accent a gray dress very well, I think, and catch everyone's eye even though it's very uncomplicated. 

What kind of necklaces do you look for?

Image via Keweenaw Gem and Gift.


PS Since my semester is starting up, I'll be taking some time off to address some academic business. But have no fear: my trusty wayward sidekick Maureen will be posting here while I'm away, and she's sure to tickle your funny bone with her witty brand of covetousness. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cutie Pie in Class

So, I'm a graduate student, and that means I'm occasionally required to carry books and folders around. I like to be stylish when I do that, and when it comes to business documents, I carry a black briefcase-type bag. Unfortunately, said briefcase isn't conducive to all of the back-and-forth between classes on the bus, and so I have to look elsewhere for my toting needs. Awhile back, I told you about my experiences with Eddie Bauer backpacks, and I stand by that post. But when it's something cute you're looking for, you should always turn to JanSport.

For example, they have this bright and cheerful model, the All Nighter in Cabesa Blue:

Several years ago, I found the cutest JanSport at an outlet mall; it was white with a lemon, lime, and orange slice print, and to this day, I wish I had bought it. Alas, I had no need for any such thing at the time. Last month, I made it up to myself by buying a houndstooth JanSport. And I can't wait to carry it.

Buy the All Nighter through Zappos for $50.00.

Image via Zappos.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Sky High

One of my new favorite brands is Casadei. Almost all of their shoes are beautiful, and they are frequently outrageous. Take, for example, their Triple-Platform Pump.

Yes, you read that correctly: Triple-Platform.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about two full inches of platform action with a total heel height of five and a half inches. I hope you have strong arms to catch yourself in case you fall in these, because it's a long way down, even if you're not particularly tall to begin with. On the other hand, your legs will look so great!

The color shown here isn't available, but you can get these in black, which would be perfect for an epic night out on the town, don't you think?

Image via Neiman Marcus.


Sunday, January 2, 2011


Back at Thanksgiving, I made a cranberry chutney. It was delicious, and the recipe is relatively simple. There's only one problem: if you don't have a grater or zester, it's kind of difficult to zest an orange.

I started out using a paring knife while Mom and Dad searched for a grater that was incredibly elusive. Then Dad and I got this genius idea to use a single-blade razor. It didn't work. So he popped the bottom safety cover off of it and we tried again. No dice. I went back to the knife, which is the same method I'd had to use the previous year (the first time I tried this recipe) due to a lack of a grater or zester in my own kitchen.

So then my aunt heard this story and took pity on me. On Christmas Eve, we exchanged presents, and she had given me a glorious thing: a zester with a safety cover:

Unlike the one in the picture, mine has a yellow handle, which I quite like--it's cheerful AND easy to spot in the drawer! I'm very excited to use it, and I think you'd enjoy having one, too.

Image via Bed Bath & Beyond.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eating Out: Roosevelt's Pub

I have a confession to make: when I drink beer, I almost inevitably get cravings for mozzarella sticks. And if I'm at a bar that doesn't have mozzarella sticks, I get so bummed out. Sometimes we have to stop on the way home and pick up some frozen ones that I can make in my kitchen. More often than not, though, I just don't get any. Except for this one time in Philadelphia.

It was 4th of July weekend two years ago, and I was visiting some friends in Philly. We decided to go out and ended up at this place called Roosevelt's Pub, which sits at the corner of 23rd and Walnut (in Rittenhouse Square). The first thing I noticed about the place was that they sell Yuengling--which, for those of you who remain uninitiated, comes from America's oldest brewery and is sold only on the East Coast. The second thing I noticed were these totally badass ornaments on the bar railing:

And then there were these two bartenders, hereafter referred to as Chris and Mozzarella Dude (so called because we never learned his name). They were pretty awesome. We got to the bar just after the kitchen closed; apparently I looked incredibly sad when I found out I couldn't have any mozzarella sticks, because Chris consulted with Mozzarella Dude, who very cheerfully offered to fire up the fryer so I could get my fix. They were perfectly nice about the whole thing--no rolling of the eyes, no grunting about how much work it would be. Clearly they were my new best friends.

When the sticks came out, I was extra-happy because they were actually little mozzarella triangles. I'd never seen that before, and of course it impressed the hell out of me. I ate them, enjoyed them, and declared my undying love for both Chris and Mozzarella Dude, then wandered out into the balmy night, satisfied at last.

So Chris and Mozzarella Dude, if you're out there reading this, please know that you made this girl's first visit to Philadelphia a memorable one, indeed. And for those of you who may someday trek to Pennsylvania, keep this place in mind. I think you'll like it.

Visit the Roosevelt's Pub website.


PS Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful, delicious time last night!

Also, check out my post at What We Covet tomorrow for a discussion of my brand-new zester!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

My 2011 wishlist includes a sequined tank from Michael Kors, a pair of citrine earrings, a key necklace from Tiffany, a handbag from Reed Krakoff, eyeshadow from Burberry beauty, a pair of heels from Christian Louboutin, an apple minaudiere, and, of course, Alexander Skarsgard. What's on yours?

All images via Polyvore.