Monday, May 30, 2011

Embrace the Pace

As you may or may not be aware, friends, I love me some history. What I really like is museums, but I have also been introduced to the wonders of living history and reenactments.

So let's talk about the Island Farm. Located on Roanoke Island, it is a living history site including an authentic farm house from the time! The time, of course, being around 1847.

In addition to the house, many outbuildings have been restored or rebuilt. There's a chicken coop, a kitchen, a smokehouse, slave quarters, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. The interpreters appear to go about their daily mid-nineteenth-century lives, but they're happy to stop in the middle of what they're doing and talk to you. It's a wonder anything gets done.

Let's not forget the animals.


There is an ox, as you can clearly see, as well as a heifer. The ox pulls the wagon, ostensibly to give children rides, but adults are welcome, too. There are also horses and sheep, and plenty of chickens, who will eat right out of your hand.

You can linger as long as you like and learn whatever you want. Admission is six dollars, and you get to chase chickens and bleat at sheep. Also, you get to feel good about yourself for not spending all your time in Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills.

Visit the web site, and then go to Roanoke Island, North Carolina, to see it all for yourself!

Ponies and sweet potatoes,


Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm tired. Yesterday I went to a show. I'll tell you about the show later. Anyway, I got in late and now I'm posting. And I'm posting about PUPPIES.


This is one of the dogs I hang out with. You might recognize her from my Tumblr, but really, this isn't an ad; I just looked around for something I could take a picture of and Bluetooth to this computer.

Eliza is an English Springer Spaniel. They have a lot of energy and a lot of love. Eliza herself isn't as big on cuddling as her big brother (the disembodied paws there), but she'll still snuggle up whenever she wants.

Female English Springer Spaniels are significantly smaller than males, so if you want one and you want it to be portable, a female will do. I'm not sure purses are big enough to handle these guys yet, but I have my reservations about purse dogs anyway.

As always, only get a dog from a reputable breeder, or an animal shelter. Puppy mills are bad.

Snuggles and biscuits,


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

People We Covet: Gerard Manley Hopkins

I was going to covet Jayne Cobb, but then I checked, and so far, we've only coveted real people. So today I'd like to introduce you to Gerard Manley Hopkins and his chin.

I want to get this in on the twenty-fifth, so I'll make this quick:

No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like Gerard.

In addition to having a pretty great chin, Hopkins also wrote some fine religious poetry. Cate and I were just talking about this the other day. We both despaired over a religious poem that neither of us found to be all that inspiring, and Cate brought up my favorite Jesuit priest.

By which I mean, the only Jesuit priest I think I know of.

I'm shallow, so I brought up his chin. But anyway, trust me. If you want religious poetry, going to church and looking through a hymnal is a good place to start (those poems also come with a variety of tunes you can choose from, and also you can sing a lot of Emily Dickinson's work to "Amazing Grace"), but if that's not appealing, Gerard Manley Hopkins rocks it. The guy who thinks adding a verse to a traditional hymn is a good idea does not rock it. Just so you know.

Image via Wikipedia. But it's also in the public domain.

Pecan pie and a glass of milk,


PS Have a poem! "Carrion Comfort," one that is not full of pecan pie.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Winter is Coming

Hi, everyone! I volunteered to fill in for Cate this time. It'll be good for me. It'll build character.

Today I want to talk about--wait for it--books! Specifically the series A Song of Ice and Fire. You can guess it's a fantasy series, right? You may have heard of it; a television adaptation of the first book is on HBO now, and they are sticking these confounded HBO stickers on the covers of the all books, which is aggravating when you want your covers to match but not be torn apart.

This book is over eight hundred pages long. I've already torn it up enough reading it one and a half times.

I have to be honest. I own all of the books that are presently out, and I've only read A Game of Thrones and part of A Clash of Kings. It was summer, and I had to go back to school.

The world of A Song of Ice and Fire is an awful lot like medieval Europe, but with magic. The magic is minimal at first, only showing itself in the form of the creation of a wight in the prologue, and wonky seasons that last for years at a time. The magic becomes more apparent toward the end of the book.

The Seven Kingdoms are tenuously held together by King Robert Baratheon, who rebelled and took the throne of King Aerys II Targaryen. The first novel follows Eddard Stark, who participated in Robert's Rebellion and is now the Warden of the North; Jon Snow, Eddard's illegitimate son, who joins the Night's Watch, a small group of men who patrol the wall to the north of the Seven Kingdoms, keeping them safe from wildlings and other threats; and Daenerys Targaryen, Aerys's daughter, and whose brother Viserys wants more than anything to recover the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms for the Targaryens.

As the name implies, it gets pretty complicated. There are no elves, but there is plenty of intrigue, and a lot of death.

I recommend you read the book and then watch the HBO adaptation, which will show you just how bloody it all is.

Hugs and puppies,


Friday, May 20, 2011

Precious Gunmetal

Most of us know Judith Leiber for her minaudieres, but she also makes other accessories, including some really interesting jewelry, such as this oversized pendant:

I love the play of gunmetal against the citrine-colored stones. This would be the perfect way to subtly dress up a little black dress for a dinner party, or maybe even to add a little bit of flair to an everyday work outfit. Plus, because it has that great vintage-y look about it, you might even be able to pass it on to family members somewhere down the line!

Image via Judith Leiber.


PS I'll be taking a short break from blogging until the 13th of June, and I hope you'll come back and join us at that time!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All the News That's Fit to Hold

Trolling the depths of the Internet (in the searchy kind of way, not the rude one) is a daunting task, since there is so. much. information out there. But it occasionally pays off, such as when I discover a cute brand previously unknown to me. Today, that brand is Mimco, an Australian company, and the item of theirs that strikes me the most is their Magazine Clutch:

Unlike the kate spade Newspaper Clutch (second image down), this bag is meant to give only the IMPRESSION of a rolled-up periodical, and that's what I like most: the ombre effect that brings to mind a magazine stuffed into a tote on a Sunday morning on your way to brunch. Plus, it has a totally '80s vibe that makes me smile!

Buy through Mimco for 179.00AUD.

Image via Mimco.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Rain on My Parade

In spite of what you may have been led to believe about my footwear choices, the shoes I wear most are my trusty Jessica Simpson flats. But sometimes, particularly in the spring and fall, it's impossible for me to wear them because of the egregious amount of rain we get. Clearly the solution to this problem is the super-cute Turks rubber ballerina flats from Hunter:

They're MUCH cuter than those terrible Crocs, and because they're from Hunter, you know they're high-quality. Plus, they come in a range of colors to suit any outfit. I'm seriously considering snagging a pair come autumn. What about you?

Buy through Hunter for $95.00.

Image via Hunter.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Light My Way

Back in March, I slipped away for a week to spend some time in the Netherlands with my aunt and a friend of hers, who lives in a nice Dutch house that's recently been renovated. Part of the renovation plan included installing these fabulous (or, in the words of a Dutch boy I met, "bee-yoo-tee-full") crystal chandeliers. And they got me thinking that I might like to have a chandelier of my own someday, although I am certainly not in a position to install one right now. I believe I might go with something like this:

I just love the play of sleek and classic going on here. A chandelier is one of the most glamorous things I can think of on a general level, and this one, for me, just takes the cake. I'd put it in my bedroom on a dimmer and marvel at the sophistication of it all at every opportunity. 

What kind of chandelier would you get?

Image via Home Depot.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can You Hear Me?

I can honestly say that I don't spend much time thinking about my headphones, unless the cords happen to get tangled. My iPod sports the standard white earbuds, which fit me just fine. But if anyone could make me abandon my current buds, it is definitely Marc Jacobs, with his MbMJ star earbuds:

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for stars. And so these are the cutest little headphones I've ever seen. Can't you just imagine rocking them as you walk to class in the morning? And at that price, they're actually quite affordable. And since they're available in black, pink, and purple, you can coordinate them with any outfit!

Image via Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Deer-y Me

A good pair of earrings can really make an outfit. By the same token, a fun pair of earrings can really make your day. And I find this particular pair to be particularly entertaining:

It's probably because I come from a hunting family. After all, I rarely think anything of seeing a deer head on the wall. So why would it strike me as odd that someone might want to accessorize by showing off some natural style like this? Besides, they will probably add the perfect amount of shine without going over the top.

What do you think? Are deer antlers the next great trend?

Image via Net-a-Porter.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Unmellow Yellow

You may have noticed that there was a bit of a to-do in London last week. Something about a wedding, I think. At any rate, given all the hubbub, I thought it would be apt to highlight a truly British designer's work today. And who is more British than Vivenne Westwood?

This is a wonderful example of Westwood's quirkiness: the folds, the bright fabric, and the small but intricate log. With summer coming up, who wouldn't want to give this bag a go?

Image via Zappos Couture.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lace Race

There are few things I love more than a really well-executed piece from Alexander McQueen. After the designer's death, this is even more important, because it helps to carry on his legacy. Luckily, the house of McQueen continues to deliver. Their shoes are particularly interesting to me, and I love these lace-covered pumps:

If only we all had a reason to walk around town in these, all day and every day. As it is, we might have to settle for once in awhile, if we can get our hands on them at all.

Image via Net-a-Porter.


Monday, May 2, 2011

There's a Birthday Girl Here

I have a birthday this month, although I decline to say when or what age I've reached. However, I will tell you that I have quite a wish list going, and there's a theme: blue and pink! To remind myself of all the lovely things I want, I decided to make myself a little Polyvore picture:

Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List by CateIsMilesAway

Items include a Fendi Peekaboo bag, Alexis Bittar hoop earrings, Ma Dame fragrance by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Across the Universe nail polish by Deborah Lippmann, Yves Saint Laurent pumps, Vincent van Gogh's Almond Branches in Bloom, a star-spangled brooch from Tiffany, and I Dream of Jeannie. Although some of these things are out of reach (I'm looking at you, Fendi), I am happy to say that I did "receive" one already: a chance to view those almond branches with my own two eyes at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam back in March. And they were glorious, indeed.

Images via Polyvore.