Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Junk in the Trunk

My pen collection is growing fast. Sure, it mostly consists of cheap Chinese pens and Pilot Varsities, but it's growing, and I need places to put my pens! My mother likes to get me cigar boxes when she passes by a JR's, but until I get a Cuban cigar box, I will not be satisfied. (I only mean that if it's illegal to have Cuban cigar boxes? But then not really because breaking the law usually makes me intensely uncomfortable.)

Anyway, today we're talking about something made to hold pens: a fancy-pants burlwood pen trunk!

It holds ninety pens! And it's fancy! Just imagine that sitting on my desk, or a special pen-trunk-holding table. Like a candle stand, for my pen trunk. I'm not sure my little heart can handle these pen dreams, you guys.

Image via Pen Boutique.


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