Friday, January 4, 2013

A Bag of a Different Sort

Happy New Year! Gosh, I haven't written to WWC's dear readers since last year. I know, I know, a horrible joke. But it's out of my system. Now if only I can get back on my weekly posting schedule...

Among the more common New Year's Resolutions are those that involve becoming a better steward of the earth or recycling more or saving money. Allow me to help you out with that in a sturdy, functional, pretty, and cheap manner.

Not all of their bags look like this. Check back periodically for new styles. 

Whole Foods' A Better Bag is made of recycled plastic most commonly found in the form of water bottles or Coke bottles (I was born & raised in Georgia, so every soft drink is a Coke, even that abomination known as Pepsi). Not too long ago, I was without a car and reliant upon friends and public transportation to get from place to place. I remained this way for nearly a year, and during that time I used my Whole Foods bags to carry everything from groceries to a change of clothes on the bus and on overnight trips. I have loaded them down with cans and gallons of milk as I huffed and puffed carrying them up a flight or two of stairs. Not once have I had one fail on me. I get compliments even at other grocery stores when I use them because they are big, sturdy and cute.

But if they ever should, you can take it back to the store and they will replace it for free. Even if you've used it and taken the tag off. Best. Return policy. Ever.

I...may or may not have between 10 and 20 in the trunk of my car and in my apartment total.

Buy at Whole Foods for 99 cents each.

Image via Whole Foods.


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