Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adventures in Fragrance

Back in October, I was cleaning out my bedroom closet as well as the space under my bed, and I think you should know two things. 1) The dust bunnies in North Carolina are ENORMOUS. 2) When you haven't actually sorted through anything since, say, your junior year of college, a few interesting items are bound to crop up as you embark on the bloodbath that is closet organization.

My most fascinating find was a small bottle of Rimmel London Cool perfume, which, as far as I know, hasn't been on the market since about two weeks after I purchased it in 2005 (I have no proof of this whatsoever, but it sounded good). As soon as I sprayed it, I remembered why I loved it back then--its tones reminded me of fresh rain and enticing flowers. I wish I could recommend it for you, but new bottles appear to be unavailable, though the link above will send you to a page where you can purchase some that's been sitting on the shelf for a few years. 

So my back-up recommendation for you was supposed to be Forest Lily by Diane von Furstenburg for Avon, which I borrowed from my mother over Christmas break when I found I'd forgotten to pack any fragrance of my own. As it turns out, Forest Lily--which has a gentle smell, like walking in the woods on a warm spring day--has also been discontinued. 

Then I had a third choice (another bottle I'd found in the closet): Aura by American Eagle. No joke--it was a fresh, citrusy, breezy scent that was playful and age-appropriate for AE's target demographic, and I still enjoy it. Alas, I struck out yet again, and I was ready to give up on this post altogether.

It's not that I couldn't share one of my other favorite scents with you. It's more that I was so hoping to pass these three along. So instead of making a recommendation, I want to ask you, our readers: what scent makes you happy, even years after you started wearing it?


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