Monday, September 17, 2012

Sail Away

I have been in the mother of all funks lately (which, thankfully has nothing to do with my mother), due largely to some unfortunate fatigue issues. While I've been able to do some general things, such as laundry, blogging, and re-watching Alias start to finish--I regret nothing--few things have been able to make me smile, because it takes so much effort to move those muscles. But! This one awesome event did take place, which I mentioned briefly about a week and a half ago: Lisa, a super-awesome friend of What We Covet, had a showing of her work during a RAW event, and I was lucky enough to attend! Of course, we're very glad she got some exposure there, but we wanted to up the ante a little bit by sharing one of her pieces, because both Maureen and I covet her work to a borderline-unacceptable degree.

Having said that, get a load of this:

The shell on this necklace came from Okinawa in Lisa's home country of Japan, so not only is she sharing her artistry, but also a piece of her own history. I'm drawn to the necklace as a whole because it's such a reflection of the ocean: from the beads reminiscent of sea glass to the tiny, delicate seahorse, to the draping of the chains which so evokes the ropes and nets on ships, everything gently calls out, summertime. As autumn approaches each year, I try to hold onto the warmth in the air as long as possible, and this necklace makes me think it might be possible to do so a bit longer.

Moreover, one of the benefits of wearing Lisa's pieces--other than looking awesome, obvs--is that she uses ethically-sourced materials, including recycled metals and fair-trade origami papers. Bonus: all of her work is reasonably priced, so you won't break the bank when buying from her, and you also get to support someone who makes unique, lovely things!

Image via Senba Designs at Etsy.


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