Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crockin' Up

Although I'm of the opinion that crocodiles are not particularly fantastic animals (fantastically dangerous, maybe), I do appreciate a good croc accessory from time to time. Like this triangular case from Botkier:

Other than the obvious trouble with the case--the fact that it appears to have one too many zippers--I really enjoy the simple, straightforward design and the way that it is only enhanced by the croc styling. And although there are no dimensions given for it on the Botkier website, I get the impression that one could easily slip it into a handbag and use it as a receptacle for your spare change, your cosmetics, or any other necessities. Plus, since the color is neutral, it will complement a range of other items, from a black hobo to a brown tote to a bright pink satchel.

How would you use this?

Buy through Botkier for $125.00.

Image via Botkier.


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