Friday, April 8, 2011


Although my handbag pick for today may seem a little on the dowdy side, I think it's perfectly ladylike and the best way to add some neutral flair to a colorful spring wardrobe:

It's the Lauren Merkin Juliette Chevron Satchel, which is big on space, with plenty of pockets to store all of your necessities. Check it out today!

Image via Neiman Marcus.


PS I have three updates!

1) Not quite a year ago, I wrote about Maya Brenner's state jewelry. And my mother bought one for me for Christmas! Unfortunately, it was on back order, so I only recently received it, but I've worn it several times already, and I love it!

2) On New Year's Day, I wrote about some of the things I wanted for myself in the year ahead. I'm happy to report that, although it isn't the one pictured, I DID snag myself a sequined tank top, purchased from Ann Taylor.

3) I still love Mick Foley. (For a previous instance of me loving him, see here, about 3/4 of the way down.)

As always, I will make updates like these whenever possible!

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