Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For Future Reference

The Internet stresses me out. There are no tests to pass so you can use it. All you need is a connection and a computer. Anyone can use the Internet. Children. Adults. Teenagers. Smart people. Stupid people. Cats.

This is why it stresses me out. Stupid people and cats can't write. They don't capitalize or punctuate. It's terrible. If only they had a manual of some sort, something that would tell them where sentences end and begin, or how hyphens work, or at the very least how you're supposed to write a number.

Not everyone likes the same reference manual. Though I'll take what I can get, I favor Gregg because my mother had one in her office and made me look things up in it. Now I wish everyone had one. It would make things so much more tolerable.

Or, at least, those who have them and use them could throw them at the people who don't.

Buy The Gregg Reference Manual through Barnes & Noble for $65.26.

Image via the same.

Best wishes!


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