Monday, March 5, 2012

News: March 2012

Hi, there, Readers and Assorted Others,

Thanks for checking in at What We Covet today! Here's a news update for our faithful few and anyone else who feels like creeping on us.

1) Maureen has decided to run off into the woods in one of those teesy houses she likes so much. Cate has begged her to take a wireless router along so she can continue blogging, but no word yet. Also, Maureen is not actually leaving us (for now); mainly she just threatens to disappear into a swamp/forest/mountain retreat.

2) Cate is on Pinterest! Maureen refuses to join for reasons that aren't quite clear to Cate, because Cate loves pinning more than she should, and she believes you should follow her!

3) Additionally, Cate and Maureen are both on Twitter! You can find Cate here: @CateIsMilesAway and Maureen here: @reenelk. Maureen tweets only sporadically, usually in Cate's direction; Cate mostly tweets links to What We Covet posts. But we're sure one of you can give us a compelling reason to log in more often!

4) Please don't forget that Cate is on Tumblr,  as well! Everyone needs to check that out.

5) Cate's a little burned out from blogging so much in addition to her other duties (she's looking in your direction, grad school), so starting this week, she'll post only on Mondays and Fridays.

Happy March (watch out for those ides!),

-Cate and Maureen-

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