Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The What We Covet Holiday Gift Guide 2012, Part 7: The Nature Lover

One day your nature-loving friend is going to get trapped in a cave by a lake or run away from home or something. It's going to happen. Just trust me. The thing is, your nature-loving friend isn't prepared. What do they even do, climb trees and commune with the earth? That's absurd. You know what nature is really about. You've read Hatchet. So to prepare your friend for his or her inevitable run-in with a moose, you have to get something useful.

An axe!

Or an ax. However you spell it. In my opinion, the E is for Elegant. But as I was saying, your nature-loving flower-child friend needs an axe. This Estwing camper's ax is nice and sharp and made from one piece of steel, so your friend won't lose the head in a particularly difficult battle with a bear; and then it can be used to chop wood to start a fire to prepare a victory-over-bears feast afterward. Also, it is the dead of winter. They will be eternally grateful to you after their wood-splitting maul breaks while they're snowed in.

Buy through Cabela's for $49.99.

Image via Cabela's.


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