Thursday, December 13, 2012

Luddites, Lawrence of Arabia, and Quentin Tarantino

I am no Luddite. What's a Luddite? defines a Luddite as someone who is an "opponent of industrial change or innovation." I say this because I just picked up a Blu-Ray player last weekend. In the dawning age of all things High Definition and Digital, I am still something of an analog girl. I don't resist home theater technological advances, I just wait until they're established. And cheaper.

Anyway, so yes. I have a Blu-Ray player now. Which means I need things to watch on it.

I heard about the "Lawrence of Arabia" 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition last week on NPR. And verily, I squealed in glee as I heard it described.  I love classic movies, and the longer they are the better. The sweeping epics that require 15 minute intermissions? The best. Which makes me all the more excited about this set. Did I mention it includes a coffee table book and a numbered 70mm film cell?

Quentin Tarantino has made some of my favorite movies ever, though honestly I couldn't tell you exactly why I love them so much. I just do. Which is why I started drooling over this set of 8 movies picked by the director himself as those works which he feels defined his first 20 years of directing. Two additional discs jam-packed with all of the usual extra goodies in special editions.

Amazon has both for about 30% less than what a brick-and-mortar store might charge.

Buy through Amazon for $64.96 and $79.96.

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