Friday, February 11, 2011

It Blue Me Away

I am. IN LOVE. With this bag:

In fact, it's been a long time since I thought this much about any particular handbag. When the images were first released last year during the Spring runway shows, I caught a glimpse and fell hard, and have been waiting to share it with you ever since. If only my bank account could support such a purchase, I would get one in every color--or just one at all, really. And I would never, ever carry it with the strap. This bag was meant to be clutched, and it was meant to be rocked.

Image via Burberry.


PS Speaking of clutches, kate spade has recently released two new book clutches! You can see them here and here.

PPS I very much wanted to title this post "I Blue Myself," but was concerned that it might be misconstrued; still, I wanted to mention it. If you get the reference, congrats! If not, feel free to disregard the previous two sentences!

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