Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All the News That's Fit to Hold

Trolling the depths of the Internet (in the searchy kind of way, not the rude one) is a daunting task, since there is so. much. information out there. But it occasionally pays off, such as when I discover a cute brand previously unknown to me. Today, that brand is Mimco, an Australian company, and the item of theirs that strikes me the most is their Magazine Clutch:

Unlike the kate spade Newspaper Clutch (second image down), this bag is meant to give only the IMPRESSION of a rolled-up periodical, and that's what I like most: the ombre effect that brings to mind a magazine stuffed into a tote on a Sunday morning on your way to brunch. Plus, it has a totally '80s vibe that makes me smile!

Buy through Mimco for 179.00AUD.

Image via Mimco.


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