Friday, May 13, 2011

Light My Way

Back in March, I slipped away for a week to spend some time in the Netherlands with my aunt and a friend of hers, who lives in a nice Dutch house that's recently been renovated. Part of the renovation plan included installing these fabulous (or, in the words of a Dutch boy I met, "bee-yoo-tee-full") crystal chandeliers. And they got me thinking that I might like to have a chandelier of my own someday, although I am certainly not in a position to install one right now. I believe I might go with something like this:

I just love the play of sleek and classic going on here. A chandelier is one of the most glamorous things I can think of on a general level, and this one, for me, just takes the cake. I'd put it in my bedroom on a dimmer and marvel at the sophistication of it all at every opportunity. 

What kind of chandelier would you get?

Image via Home Depot.


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