Friday, July 22, 2011

North by Northwest

Have you ever been on your way to a wedding and been completely lost?

I have.

Just this year, in fact. I was on my way to the wedding of my friend Jessie to my acquaintance Josh. To make a long and very boring story short, I missed the actual wedding and only just made it in time for the reception.

If only I had been a man! I would have worn a shirt with French cuffs and these fine cuff links:

That's right. Compasses.

Now, really, they wouldn't have helped. I can usually judge which direction I am going in by the position of the sun, and what I really needed was just a smidge more accurate signage. But these cuff links are still pretty cool, right? And sometimes the sun taunts you, or it's overcast, or it's night time (and overcast).

I don't know much about cuff links, really, but I do know that I like putting useful things on other things. So I am all for these. You never know when you'll come away from that fancy black-tie event wandering through the woods with only a pocket square to help you.

Image via QA Create.

Happy trails!


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