Monday, August 6, 2012

A Samba Is More Than a Dance

So, apparently there's some kind of sporting event on? I hear it's a big deal. In the interests of going with the flow, I'm going to do something I rarely do: talk about sports. Strictly speaking, I'm not here to discuss sports so much as sports apparel, and a specific item, at that: the Adidas Samba shoes. 

When I was in upper elementary school, Sambas were absolutely the height of style (that's the late '90s for you). Everyone had a pair. Being thoroughly unfashionable, I knew these shoes were the key to my success, so I convinced my mother to get me a pair. They were the men's style--I'm not sure Adidas was producing a women's version yet--but instead of the standard black, I opted for navy.

I wore the hell out of those shoes, believe me. Never mind that I didn't played soccer (or any sport, as far as that goes); they were my jam. To this day, I still own those shoes, though they've been through a great deal, and they currently live at my parents' house. (Side note: my father has strict instructions to keep those shoes right where they are; no tossing them under any circumstances.)

Nowadays, Adidas doesn't produce the navy model anymore, but they do make a cute blue women's version:

Though I've never tried these out, based on my past experience, I suspect they're comfortable, and I love the eye-catching color. 

An interesting historical fact: Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, convinced Jesse Owens to use spikes from Adidas in his runs, which constituted the first sponsorship of an African-American athlete. (Of course, Dassler was a member of the Nazi party, which is way less than awesome. But Owens rocks my socks.)

Buy through Adidas for $65.00.

Image via Adidas.


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