Friday, August 17, 2012

Kitty on the Loose

Belts don't make many appearances on What We Covet because, well, I use the same one most days and rarely invest in a new one, unless it comes as an accessory with a dress (in fact, most of my belts have been acquired that way). I decided though, that with fall coming up and wardrobe changes on the horizon, it might be prudent to point our readers in some direction (ANY direction). Since I wear a great deal of basic black, I like to find accessories that add some punch to my outfit, which is how I ended up going in the leopard direction:

Since leopard never goes out of style (for real, ladies and gents), you can feel safe buying such a piece and adding it to your rotation. I'm terribly tempted to purchase it myself, but I know I'll keep returning to my plain white belt day after day.

Buy through Hobbs for £39.00.

Image via Hobbs.


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