Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dream A Little Dream...

A couple of weekends ago I found myself in DC (or the District, as I've begun calling it) for a friend's landmark birthday party. Seeing as the party was on a Saturday afternoon, I had to find a hotel room for the weekend.

[Let me interrupt my own story here for just a minute to say that while I do covet nice things and even purchase them occasionally, I am just as at home in a tent, a camper, or a cheap motel room as I am in an upscale hotel room. I haven't had the pleasure of an overnight stay at the Waldorf-Astoria, but I've seen my share of well-appointed hotel rooms, and ones that made me desirous of cleaning supplies upon entering. Back to my tale.]

So I found and booked a hotel room through Hotwire at a 3.5 star hotel for $69 a night. I felt mildly pleased about my booking, and set off for our nation's capital a couple of days later.

The night I arrived, I had driven non-stop to the District in 4.75 hours, departing home less than 2 hours after work with one stop the entire way. Turns out, Hotwire booked me a room at the Sheraton Silver Springs, located on the Red Metro line just outside the District. The well dressed evening clerk assigned me an end room on the 14th floor and bid me good night. Upon keying into my room, this was the lovely sight that greeted my weary eyes.

My apologies for any image quality deficiencies. I snapped a quick photo with my non-iPhone smart phone.

Readers, I am here to tell you that bed is more comfortable than you could possibly imagine. I could try to describe it, but I don't know that my words could fully do the experience justice. I can tell you that I did have a long discussion with Cate about this bed while lying in it. I believe I may have said some things about never leaving it, and Cate volunteered to bring me food so I wouldn't starve. This bed was so remarkably comfortable, Cate and I continued our conversation regarding the bed into my second and last night in it. Of course, upon returning to my apartment, I snuggled in my still comfy bed and set about researching the idyllic cloud I had rested in for two glorious nights in DC. 

Behold! Known as the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper, the entire bed you see pictured above (minus my luggage and gray shawl) can be purchased through the Sheraton At Home online store. From mattress and box spring to pillows and mattress pads, even the linens, all can be obtained through the online store. 

So while my current mattress is perfectly comfortable and supportive, when it is time to replace I will be speaking with the gracious staff of Sheraton At Home. 

Buy the mattress through Sheraton At Home for $1,200 - $1,725.  

First image via Bonnie. Second image via Sheraton At Home.

 Pleasant dreams, dear readers. 


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