Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Toast of the Town

Back in high school, my awesome friend Charlie had this game on his calculator called Toaster. It was basically the greatest thing ever, and when my own calculator died, taking the files for Toaster with it, I nearly cried. BUT! There is something out there to cheer up everyone, and today that thing for me is this fantastic red toaster:

It's all shiny and space-age-esque, and even though I have no need whatsoever for a four-slice toaster, I kind of want to buy this. (Shh--don't tell the toaster in my kitchen.) Mostly, though, I want to buy it for Charlie, because some memories will never fade.

Buy through Macy's for $79.99.

Image via Macy's.


PS Starting on Friday, we will be presenting our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. Check back with us for great gifting ideas!

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