Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Running on Red

Two or three weeks ago, my father called me with exciting news: he'd been riding the bus when he spotted a shoe that impressed him so much he felt compelled to tell me. This surprised me; Dad isn't the type to spend time contemplating footwear. But when he told me what the shoes were, I understood perfectly.

The kid across from him was wearing leather Chucks. 

This is something I hadn't considered possible. I have a small collection of All-Stars myself (red, green, blue, mint green, black x 2, flames, and charcoal); of those eight pairs, seven are traditional canvas and one is corduroy. I'd never seen a leather pair or imagined one. So I hopped online immediately and tracked them down.

Converse offers many options, but my favorites are the Chuck Taylor Premium Leather in a wonderful near-oxblood red. If I still wore them regularly, I might splurge on these, seeing as how they're so fabulous. In the meantime, I might try to talk Maureen into purchasing a pair (living vicariously is my favorite).

Buy through Converse for $125.00.


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