Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Enjoy Chicken Twice a Week

I've recently discovered something about myself: I really enjoy looking through vintage cookbooks from the '70s and '80s. Everything about them thrills me--the quality of the photography, the colors, the plates and decorations used in the illustrations, and so on. Over the summer, my aunt was doing some housecleaning and gave me a bunch of cookbooks, some of which are exactly the kind I adore. For example, there's this gem:

Although it's not illustrated, the cover is enough to make me smile. And many of the recipes are classics, such as chicken salad, chicken cordon bleu, chicken corn chowder, apricot glazed chicken (or Russian chicken), paella, and my personal favorite, chicken paprikas (which I hope to successfully make someday). There's a recipe for everyone--vegetable lovers, pasta fanatics, and barbecue kings.

As of last night, I was able to find only one copy for sale online. Buy through eBay for $4.98.


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