Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Not My Gumdrop Buttons!"

There's nothing more Christmas-tasting than gingerbread. And I'm a big fan of it even without the holidays, but as Christmas approaches (a little too rapidly, if you ask me--I'm not done shopping!), I figure now is the time to share some gingerbread love with y'all.

There's a recipe for gingerbread cupcakes in Throwdown!, but to be honest, I wasn't feeling up to tackling it when I was craving gingerbread. So instead, I ran out to the store and picked up some prepackaged mix from Hodgson Mill.

I had some reservations about it, since it's whole wheat-based; because I know that certain whole wheat products taste different than their more processed counterparts, I wondered if this particular mix would seem a bit off. My fears were allayed, however; although the texture was on the grainy side, the flavor was perfect.

But you can't eat gingerbread on its own, of course. You have to give it a lemon glaze! This is a really easy thing, too. All it takes is two-thirds of a cup of powdered sugar and three tablespoons lemon juice (fresh or from the bottle, as long as it's not from concentrate). 

Pour it over the gingerbread while it's still hot and let it sit until the gingerbread is room temperature. It'll look something like this:

It's a simple, fast, and delicious treat that'll bring a smile to your face every time. Enjoy!


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