Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Surprise Party

My best guy friend is American, but he spent part of his childhood in Switzerland, and he REALLY loves Kinder Eggs, also known as Kinder Surprise. They are a European candy, and they are just this side of glorious.

The basic concept is this: the "eggs" are made of a thin layer of milk chocolate on top of a layer of white chocolate, and they are completely hollow inside. When you crack them open, you find a little yellow plastic capsule (the "yolk"), which contains a small toy--the "surprise" mentioned in the name.

It's absolutely genius.

The bad news is that they're not really sold in the States (apparently they pose a choking hazard). So they're hard to come by if you're just strolling down Main Street in your favorite town. The good news is that they're totally legit in Canada and you can have them shipped to the United States via a company called Canada Only.

They come in cases of 24, for the most part, and there are multiple options for shipping. The one thing I recommend is ordering them at least a month in advance of when you need them; not only is the process slow on the company's end, but they also have to clear Customs, which can add some time to the process. However, I promise that the end result is worth it. Try some Kinder Eggs today!

Visit the Ferrero website for more information about Kinder Surprise.

Image via Canada Only.


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