Friday, December 17, 2010

Grinchy All the Way

Last year, my brother called me up about a month before Christmas and asked me, "If you were a pair of slippers, what color would you be?"

Well, how can you possibly answer a question like that? I managed some answer along the lines of green. About a month later, on Christmas Eve, all those words came back to me when I opened a package containing green slippers, like so:

And they are wonderful. They're lined with acrylic fleece, which, while not the real thing, is still very comfortable and keeps your toes warm on cold nights. The green color is very Grinchy, but hey--it goes along with the holidays, yeah? They're also available in an array of other colors. I highly recommend them, especially since they don't cost too much and last quite awhile (mine still look great).

Buy through Cabela's for $29.99.

Image via Cabela's.


PS Look what I found on sale! Not quite the same as these, but much more fabulous.

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