Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am an evil lemon!

You're probably wondering why I didn't post on Friday or Monday. Well, you see, I was on an adventure. A Magical Ponycorn Adventure, to be specific.

The leader of this adventure was Sissy, who friggin' loves ponycorns. (Ponycorns are like ponies and unicorns.) First Sissy and I got some jars to keep the ponycorns in, and then we traveled through rainbows to search for them. We battled such fierce opponents as a tiger and a big crazy dinosaur. It was nuts, you guys.

Cate wasn't very excited about this Magical Ponycorn Adventure when I told her about it. She said something about hipsters and then had to go defend young adult literature to old adults.

But just in case you wonderful people don't mind hipsters, you can have your own Magical Ponycorn Adventure here.

Coconuts and turtles,


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