Friday, June 17, 2011

The New Mermaid

I have almost zero use for formal dresses. The last school dance I attended was my senior homecoming in 2003, and none of my friends are slated to have black-tie weddings anytime soon, so I generally stick to the less glamorous--and much cheaper--options out there for everyday wear. But if I had to buy myself a formal dress today for some reason, I might splurge on this beaut from David Meister:

At just under $600, it's actually not much more expensive than some prom dresses out there. And besides, it's totally lovely: the shape, ruching, and color are all spot-on and perfect for a formal affair on a hot summer night. Obviously an under the sea-themed dance would be the best venue, but really any special occasion merits such a beautiful creation.

Image via Neiman Marcus.


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