Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Just so you know, yesterday was Walt Whitman's birthday. Happy belated birthday to the man who once appeared on my brother's arm!

Now, here at What We Covet, we enjoy wasting time. Sometimes we waste time by coveting things (that way we can call it research). Other times we waste time by playing flash games.

The game I can't stop playing is Elephant Quest. It follows the adventures of the blue elephant from earlier humorous parody games such as This Is the Only Level and Achievement Unlocked.

In Elephant Quest, you control your elephant, whose bowler hat has been stolen! You must go on an adventure to get it back, completing quests for other elephants and shooting enemies with lasers that you carry on your back or drag behind you on a rope. You can also recruit elephant minions who fly around and help you out.

Do you need to waste some serious time? Then go play Elephant Quest at Armor Games.

Balloons and keys,


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