Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Questions and Answers! Part 2

On Monday, I answered some frequently asked questions about What We Covet. Today, I'm going to address some questions I wish people would ask.


What is your favorite item of clothing in your closet?
I own an Alexander McQueen for Target denim motorcycle jacket that I absolutely adore and will never, ever give up, even if it no longer fits, because it's just so wonderful.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?
As much as I hate to admit it, I may have become a bit of a prepster. My daily uniform consists of black pants, flats, a shell, and a cardigan. It's a very comfortable way to live, really. But I am decidedly un-preppy in my life, which just proves that there is balance in everything!

What is your decorating style?
Mid-Century Modern, all the way. If I could live inside Humphrey Bogart's office in Sabrina, I absolutely would. (Or if I could just, you know, live with Humphrey Bogart.) I love straight, clean lines, and that's what Mid-Century Modern is all about, with a dash of the retro-futuristic. Simply spectacular.

What are your favorite stores?
Online, I swear by Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom, and M.A.C. In real life, I don't get to do much in the way of shopping, thanks to my location, but I tend to go to Belk, Borders, and, when I can manage it, the Coach outlet.

What do you like to read?
The short answer is everything. The long answer is somewhat more complicated: I tend toward modern and contemporary American works, though I have been known to stray.

What are your favorite films?
I love action movies. And comedies. And dramas. But I rarely go for horror; I'm just too easily freaked out! Pulp Fiction is my all-time favorite movie, though.

You're clearly a fan of Lady Gaga and Madonna. Which other artists/acts do you listen to?
My favorites are Stone Temple Pilots, the White Stripes, Zep, the Beatles, Sheryl Crow, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Ace of Base, Franz Ferdinand, Scott Weiland (as a solo artist), No Doubt, the Wallflowers, Kylie Minogue, and anyone else with a good sound. I pretty much listen to anything that strikes me.


I hope everyone has found these two posts interesting and inspiring! As always, thanks for reading.

Image via the Military Channel.


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