Monday, November 28, 2011

The What We Covet Holiday Gift Guide 2011, Part 16: The Quirky Friend

Sometimes the person you have the most trouble buying a gift for is the quirky friend in your crew. Since I have several of those, I have to dig extra deep on occasion. However, all is not lost. Archie McPhee has a nice array of unusual items suited to different personalities. But if you can't make a decision after nosing around the site, you could always pick up a surprise bag:

The bag could contain any of a number of items from the Archie McPhee inventory, and so it is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Plus the staff guarantees "a strange and wonderful assortment of McPhee trinkets and goodies that any person with a refined taste for kitsch will enjoy." If you're lucky, maybe the recipient will even let you in on the fun!

Image via Archie McPhee.


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