Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For Science!

Have you ever wanted to help real scientists do real science, but you're an English major? Or maybe your skills mostly consist of eating cheese and playing video games?

Well, never fear! There is a way that you, too can do science! And it is a game called Foldit.

Foldit is about folding proteins. I'm not going to give a protein lecture here, but apparently they fold, and the fact that they fold is very important to the protein-y work that they do, and computers are terrible at folding proteins.

So scientists decided to let people do it. They turned protein folding into a game, handed out some instructions, and let gamers solve problems that computers can't. I started playing Foldit years ago and got sidetracked for, well, years, but I'm back now and as bad at folding proteins as ever!

You can download the game for free at their site and get started immediately. Do not delay! You could be part of a cure for some terrible deadly disease!

For science!


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