Wednesday, January 25, 2012

People We Covet: Fabio

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I covet Fabio.

Stay with me for a minute here, m'kay? I understand that his pecs are bigger than his head. I know that he was once mauled by a seagull or whatever (and b-t-dubs, he took it like a champ). And I suppose it's possible that someone who is clearly not a viking should not pretend to be a viking. But whatever. None of those things are the point of Fabio. Look at how adorable he is when he gives you the thumbs-up!

Okay, let's take a step back. Here is Fabio, just, you know, chillin' with a tiger (like you don't do the same):

Maybe it seems a little contrived? But the fact remains that dude is chillin' with a tiger, like some kind of tiger whisperer. That's badass. He's also appeared on the covers of, like, hundreds of romance novels (including some that he co-wrote). He's played himself on television and in films. He was in a music video about girl-on-girl action way before Katy Perry got her hands on girl-on-girl action. He tried to become the new Old Spice guy! (Which was never going to happen, but I love him for trying.)

Talk about perseverance. Fabio could have easily faded into obscurity or rested on his TRN-cover laurels. But he's still out there, working and poking fun at his own exaggerated image. I hope to someday have the same amount of good humor with which he has been endowed!

Image via here.


PS In current events today (actually, yesterday): Rickman was robbed, and I trust you all know that.

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