Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Punchline

We all know that I have an impossibly small kitchen, right? Right. But that doesn't keep me from lusting after the kind of things I'd buy if I had the space necessary, such as this lovely punch bowl set from Libbey Glass:

What would I do with a punch bowl set, you ask? I would have parties all. the. time. And at those parties, I would say to guests, "Oh, darling, wouldn't you like a bit of punch?" which doesn't sound so great in my hardcore-Midwestern accent but will have to suffice, as I cannot fake a British accent (unlike so many people I know--I am looking in your direction, Amy, Selena, Allie, Rebecca, and others). And we would all be merry as we drank our punch. More importantly, I would relish the fact that I have a totally affordable set of glassware from a company that really knows its non-crystalline solids (and would also speak in a hardcore-Midwestern accent, being Ohio-based and all).

Buy through Libbey for $29.99.

Image via Libbey.


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