Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poetic Postage

So, I'm pretty smug when it comes to the mail. It's always "Stamps this!" and "Save the Postal Service that!"

Well, we have to save the Postal Service, because the Postal Service seems to be in the business of making my dreams come true. Dreams I didn't even know I had. Dreams for stamps with twentieth-century poets on them.

Look at all these poets! Brodsky! Stevens! Williams! Plath! Levertov! On stamps! If you're smug like me, this is what you need. You just stick your favorite poet--or your least favorite poet, or a poet you've never heard of if that's the case--on your envelope and send it off to one of your Philistine friends who will have no idea who William Carlos Williams is beyond something about chickens. (You, of course, know a little something about some plums, am I right? I'm so right.)

As an added bonus, these stamps--like all first-class stamps produced from now on--are Forever stamps! So stock up! Send people poet letters for less than fifty cents for the rest of your life! They will be officially issued on April 21.

Buy through the Postal Store for $4.50 for a block of ten or $9.00 for a sheet of twenty.

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