Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

We're going to play a little word association game today. I'll give you a phrase, and you tell me what comes to mind. Here it is: Doc Martens. I suspect that most of you will conjure up images of the early- to mid-1990s grunge scene. Me, personally? I get a warm, fuzzy feeling not from memories of the flannel that was so ubiquitous back then but from memories of a long string of guys I've fallen for whose chosen footwear was the eternally cool 1914s, the 14-hole boots beloved by punks. 

I'm trying very hard to create a style for myself. Eventually, I'd like to look like I stepped out of a Michael Kors ad. (Seriously.) But from time to time, I come across some piece that I really, really wish I could incorporate without looking stupid or like a poser. This is one of those times. Besides, a girl should be able to mix it up every once in awhile, right?

Photo via Dr. Martens.


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