Monday, March 14, 2011

Checkmate, Mario

Some of us are intellectuals. Some of us study hard day and night so we will know all the answers and impress our friends if we ever see them. Some of us pursue activities that exercise our minds. Board games. Logic puzzles. Performance art.

But some of us just want the Super Mario Chess Set because we're nerds. We don't study chess. We're lucky if we can beat ourselves at the game. But we know how the pieces move, and we like cackling evilly while we knock over our opponents' pawns.

Also, we giggle a little immaturely upon seeing the Super Mario Chess Set and learning that Luigi is the Queen. That's just the kind of people some of us are. So of course we want this chess set. We also think it is fitting that at last Luigi has some power while Mario has to stay in one spot and wait.


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