Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Joss Whedon Week!

Today we're going to talk about Dollhouse, which I mentioned yesterday.

Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku in the role of a doll (or "active," if you ask people who want to avoid the dehumanizing aspect of it all) named Echo. What is a doll, you ask? Well, in this frightening sci-fi world, people who are in serious trouble can sign their bodies off to the Dollhouse for a set period of time, in which their personalities and memories will be saved to a hard drive and wiped from their brains. These new blank slates can then be imprinted with new personalities and sent on assignments. These assignments are anything from assisting law enforcement to fulfilling very wealthy people's fantasies.

Naturally, this can all go terribly, terribly wrong in many ways.

The first season is all right. The second season is where it picks up and shows that ol' Joss really shows his stuff when the show has a deadline. All Dollhouse got was two seasons, and it made them work. This treatment, however, just made Whedon fans even more resentful of Fox. They were all pretty excited about Dr. Horrible, an online production.

Though Dushku is the star of Dollhouse, the one to look out for is Enver Gjokaj as the doll Victor. I wanted to find a video in which he had been imprinted with the personality of the Dollhouse's resident genius Topher, but this one where he has been mistakenly imprinted with the personality of a college girl named Kiki will have to do:

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Shall I go now?

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