Sunday, March 20, 2011


Once upon a time, I went to visit my friend Holly for a couple of days. One morning, we had muffins. She had a six-muffin tin, but they were enormous muffins, not standard muffins, and her muffin mix would only make four giant muffins. I resolved, then, that she would one day have a pan for normal-sized muffins. But six, because muffin mixes don't make twelve muffins.

Today, as I browsed the Kitchen Collection, I found exactly the thing. Six muffin cups! Normal-sized ones! Stainless steel! Heavy enough that you could beat someone with it!

I bought it immediately, and will be sending it to Holly soon. I don't need to keep it, because my mother gave me one of her normal muffin pans.

And now I have found it online, so you can, too, because it seems that the world very much lacks muffin-sized muffins.

Buy through Kitchen Collection for $9.99.

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