Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Le Métier de Beauté Adventure, Part 2: Eyes

On Monday, I told you about my experience with some lip color from Le Métier de Beauté. Today I'm  going to focus on two of their eye products.


When I went to see Kim, she asked me what I needed the most, and I decided that it was a good everyday look for my eyes--something I could wear to work and didn't take eighteen years to apply. She hopped right to it and pulled out three eye shadows in the neutral range and one that had more color to it. The line is called True Colour Eye Shadow, and while you can buy the shadows individually, Kim put them into a kit called a Kaleidoscope for me. At its heart, a Kaleidoscope kit is just an eyeshadow quad, but it's really so much better than your average quad: not only are the shadows full-sized and replaceable if you run out of one color, but you can customize them for yourself. This is what mine looks like:

Colors, from top to bottom: Rose Champagne, Milan, Tuscan Sunset, and Canvas.

There is also a mirror in the top of this compact so you can touch up your eyes while you're out and about.

Sure, you're thinking, that's all fine and well, but how does the color hold up? Answer: it holds up very well, indeed. In addition to being so featherweight that you can't feel it on your lids, this shadow is very rich, so it doesn't take much product to get an intense look, and it's also long-wearing, even in the heat. And because it's super-conducive to layering, you can combine the colors any way you want. What could be better than that?

Even as much as the shadows impressed me, there was something else that I fell for in the most hardcore of ways: the Precision Liquid Eyeliner. Let it be known that liquid eyeliner generally scares the hell out of me, both because I don't have a very steady hand and because I find most such products to be very wet and messy. But weep no more, my ladies; this is a liquid eyeliner that is so user-friendly even I don't have problems with it. Here's a picture (next to a highlighter for size reference):

I have literally never loved another eyeliner as much as I love this one. The tip is tapered, so you can either use it on its side to make a thick line or use the end to make a thin line. I've been using the Noir, which is a thick, true color; it's also available in Bleu and Aqua (teal green). Bonus? In addition to wearing well (it's water-resistant!), it comes off so easily that I almost jumped for joy.

All told, my Le Métier de Beauté experience was a fabulous one. Kim explained each product and shared tips for using them, and if you live in the area, you should definitely go visit her at the Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan. You won't regret it!

True Color Eye Shadow retails for $30.00 per 0.13-ounce pan; personalized Kaleidoscopes are $120.00 each and pre-packaged eye Kaleidoscopes are $95.00. Precision Liquid Eyeliner retails for $42.00 per 0.02-ounce tube. You can visit the Le Métier de Beauté website here for more information.



  1. That is a beautiful custom palette. I love Tuscan Sunset! I still need to add Canvas and Milan to my collection.
    I don't think I could live without their liquid liner now.
    Great review ;-)

  2. Milan is one of my new favorite colors, because it blends so well! And I'm glad to hear you agree about the liner; it's life-changing (in the cosmetics sense, at least)!