Monday, August 8, 2011

Bang, Bang

There are two things I've learned about myself in recent months thanks to all this blogging I've been doing. The first is that I'm a total sucker for the things Patricia Field sells on her website. The second is that, apparently, I enjoy a touch of the morbid. Combine these two things, and you get this pair of earrings:


All right, well, maybe this isn't a touch of the morbid, exactly. Maybe this is actually the net result of a lifetime lived in close proximity to hunters and loving all sorts of violent movies (remember, I'm the girl who swears by Pulp Fiction). If I had a job that was more conducive to such fashion statements, I would snap these up immediately. As it is, I'll leave this particular statement for someone else, but there's no guarantee you won't see me walking around with them in the future.

Image via Patricia Field.


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