Monday, August 15, 2011

Bootie Call

Last year, all I really wanted was a pair of gray booties. Because I couldn't afford these (which I still find to be incredibly beautiful and awesome) and couldn't seem to find a reasonably-priced alternative, I called off the search. But this year, I might have found a match for myself:

No, they are not gray. However, they do have a great shape, and the faux wood heel and platform contrast nicely with the material. And because they're available at a price point that doesn't scare me, I'm even considering picking up both colors. (Will I? It's unlikely. But a girl can dream.)

Buy through Alloy for $39.90.

Image via Alloy.


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  1. What makes them booties and not boots? "Booties" makes me think of the things you put on babies and long-clawed dogs.

  2. Boots go up your calf. Booties stop at your ankle. What you're describing are also booties (think of the way they look) but for a different demographic.

  3. So they're shoe-height boots?

    I'm not really sure I understand yet, though, because baby and dog booties bear no resemblance to boots whatsoever, except for the whole foot covering thing.

  4. No, they are not shoe-height boots. They are ankle-height boots, and most regular shoes do not come up to the ankles (see: ballet flats, loafers, clogs, mules, oxfords, Birkenstocks, flip-flops, slingbacks, normal--i.e., non-strappy--pumps, and so on).

    And baby booties totally look like flat ankle boots. For example, these baby booties: I don't know about dog booties, as my dogs refuse to wear anything but chain collars.

  5. Buttons! Cute!

    I'm just going to defer to you on this one. Fortunately I don't have to know anything about shoes.


  6. There may come a day when I give you a shoe assignment.