Thursday, August 18, 2011

Send Some Laughs

How many of us only read the comics section of the newspaper for the first reading years of our lives? "Give me the funnies!" we cried, and our little hands wrestled with paper that was almost as big as we were so we could read the latest adventures of Garfield and Snoopy. Eventually we started to read the rest of the paper, and boy did we long for the days when only the comics mattered.

The United States Postal Service has now released a set of stamps to commemorate our favorite (and perhaps some of our least favorite) Sunday comics:

My personal favorite is Calvin and Hobbes, of course, but the rest full of memories, too. I have already purchased and used these stamps. I placed my very last one a couple of weeks ago on a smugly hand-written letter to a friend, and now I need more. Gregory Peck for my letters to Cate, and comics for everyone else. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Buy through the Postal Store for $2.20 - $8.80 for a strip, block, or pane.

Image via the Postal Store.

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