Thursday, February 23, 2012

Font of Wisdom

Look! Look what I found, you guys!

That looks like a pen, you say. It is a pen! A fountain pen, too. But not just a fountain pen. This is Noodler's Ahab, an affordable fountain pen with a flexible nib that has received great reviews.

I have never written with a flexible nib, and most others like me probably say the same. Flexible nibs aren't really a thing nowadays, but they allow for varied thickness in your writing, and that can probably impress some folks. The nib is steel, so not ideal for flexing, but it should be harder to bend out of shape. And even if you do, busting the nib on an inexpensive pen is not a great tragedy.

The only con, I'm told, is that the pen has a strong smell because of the material it's made with. It may or may not fade, and it may or may not smell like cinnamon. I think I could get used to it for an addition to my pen collection.

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