Friday, July 27, 2012

A Rosy Outlook

Few jewelry things fascinate me as much as rose gold. What is it? (Short answer: gold + copper + silver = rose gold.) Why is it so pretty? (Because, to me, yellow gold is not awesome, but white gold isn't enough sometimes.) Why don't more designers use it? (I HAVE NO IDEA.) Here's a nice example of how one jewelry company puts it to good use:

The irregularity of the bangles really allows the rose gold to shine (no pun intended). And because of the less-than-usual shade, these will add a punch to any outfit, particularly of the cocktail variety. If only I had some reason to wear them myself!

Image via Gorjana.


PS If you're looking for something extra-vibrant, check out Tiffany's Rubedo line, which is a proprietary alloy designed to, as they say on their website, reflect "the rose luminescence of a sunrise." It's really stunning, and I recommend at least glancing at it to see how rose gold appears at its finest.

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