Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Owl Be Right There

I'm a big fan of owls.  They're silent, deadly hunters, but they never show up to a party all covered in blood.  They're classy.  I like a classy critter.  Also, they hang around the goddess Athena a lot, so you know they have good judgement.

So of course I want to wear them on my ears!

These barn owl earrings are made by Jabebo, which is a word whose meaning I don't know, and they are made out of recycled cereal boxes.  So they're green!  And they're these itty-bitty little pictures with all those owly details you love.

Buy a pair through Jabebo Earrings for $15.00.  (It's not a very high-tech site, but you'll figure it out.)

Image via Jabebo.



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