Friday, July 13, 2012

Volcanic Glass

A couple of months ago, a cousin of mine passed away after a battle with cancer. Her parents asked my mother to speak at the funeral, and in the days leading up to this, Mom searched high and low for a piece of obsidian to illustrate a story, but she couldn't find one, and she called me to complain about this. We agreed that we needed to be closer to a trashy tourist gift shop, because you can always find chunks of obsidian and other random gems at such venues.


I don't know if Mom ever found her obsidian, but I tracked a few pieces down on the Internet, including this nice cabochon:

Have I any use for it? No. Am I two months too late to help my mother? Yes. But it's here now for future reference, though I hope we have no use for funeral obsidian anytime soon. Perhaps one of you knows a jewelry designer who can put something like this to good use in a happy way?

Buy through Gem Select for $62.76.

Image via Gem Select.


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